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Up to scratch

Well, my lovely furry starlet is still growing and thriving. She's just under eight months old now, and weights a solid eight pounds. And none of that is fat, either. There's a lot of bone and muscle under the fluff.

She's been causing me worry again, this last week. Last Tues I found a small raw patch on the back of her neck. I washed it with warm salt water until I could get her to the vet on Thurs. He diagnosed eczema and gave her a steroid injection. I'd made her a cardboard collar to stop her scratching it. The vet gave me a plastic one, but I kept on using the cornflake packet one, as I'd cut it to be narrower at the front, under her chin. That made it easier for her to eat, and she could groom herself somewhat. It was only there to stop her scratching the back of her neck, not to stop her pulling stitches out.
She put up with it with very good grace, bless her. I think that because she's had a proper collar on before, and found she couldn't get it off, she believed that she couldn't get the cardboard and masking tape affair off either. I had to repair it a couple of times and she just sat down and let me get on with it. She can be such a sweetie.
The collar stayed on for a week and came off last night. I trimmed the ends of the claws on the foot she uses to scratch that spot. The raw spot had healed over but she had a scratch overnight that was enough to leave a small red spot. I've checked it through the day and it's not changed, so the collar stays off while I monitor it.

Of course, the most maddening thing about it happening now is that she's entered for a cat show the first weekend of December. It's possible that as she'd been eating more of Diesel's grown-up cat food recently, that may have caused the allergic reaction. So she's not being allowed any of that until after the show, when I'll introduce it again, and see if she reacts. Still, it's not looking too bad at the moment, and I just to to hope it stays that way.

Here she is looking very elegant, on the back on an armchair:

Most of my cats have been happy to walk across and through the sink, but she's the only one who lies down in it:

I think that's her in there - could be a fox, for all you can tell from the picture:

I love her tail :)



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21st Nov, 2009 05:28 (UTC)
Awwww, look at her in the handbasin! How adorablem and what a sweet face she has! I've heard some cats do that. She has a magnificent tail.

I like Ashley's tail too: fairly fluffy (though Iella's puts her to shame) and striped with a white underside which she shows jauntily. She's my "flag-tailed tabby cat", among other nicknames.

I hope her problem clears up. Claudia once licked the bas of her tail bare as a young cat and was on steroids for a few weeks till it cleared up, and she never ghad another problem. She wasn't as playful while she was on the steroids, but she got that back too afterwards.
22nd Nov, 2009 15:20 (UTC)
I thought Ashley was a shorthair - I didn't realize her tail is at all fluffy. Iella's tail is much paler underneath, a creamy colour. She often walks with her tail held straight up, or occasionally curled over her back, so you see this great, creamy plume at the rear of the orange cat.
22nd Nov, 2009 20:39 (UTC)
Ashley is a shorthair, but she seems to have quite a fluffy tail, much more so than Vic, who's also a shorthair. Of course the Buremese have rather rat-like ones; the only feature of them I'm not that fond of.

I think Ashley fluffs hers up a little when she plumes it. It looks bigger than than in this photo, which is the best I could find of her tail. I do like the markings, and it's white underneath.

Iella must look just magnificent with her upright and curled over. How is she doing? Is her skin getting better?
21st Nov, 2009 07:22 (UTC)
She really does have the most splendid tail in the known universe. :-) And she is such a sweetie, too!
22nd Nov, 2009 06:45 (UTC)
Such a beauty!Magnificent mane and tail. Her color is truly stunning!

Hopefully, her skin condition will clear up. Our little darlings always have the best timing, don't they?

Odin and Loki are both sink dwellers and when he was allowed in the bathrooms, Odin would frequently be found sleeping in the sink!
22nd Nov, 2009 07:43 (UTC)
She is so gorgeous! Good luck with the cat show :)
22nd Nov, 2009 15:25 (UTC)
Thanks to everyone who's commented and complimented Iella. The little spot on the back of her neck hasn't changed at all. It's quite hard to find through all the fur, but I check it two or three times a day to see it's not getting worse. I may put the cardboard collar on for three or four days just prior to the show, to give it the best chance of healing.

The eczema isn't bothering her in the slightest, anyway. She's not worrying at it and is carrying on as normal.
24th Nov, 2009 16:05 (UTC)
She looks soooo soft and fluffy. How do you stop from constantly snuggling her? :0)
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