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second chance

I got an unexpected letter yesterday, with the address in a handwriting I didn't recognize. It was from one of the sons of my godmother, Pat, who died last Christmas. He enclosed a cheque which was a sum Pat had left me in her will. This is the godmother who gave me my gold charm bracelet - a new charm for it every Xmas until I was 21. I thought she might leave me a little something, but wasn't counting on it. This was more than I expected, though no fortune.

I knew what I wanted to spend some of it on. Some fifteen years ago I saw Denis Lawson on stage in a musical, Lust. I saw it four times in fact. The show, and Denis were great, and I hoped to see him on stage again some time, preferably in another musical. Well, earlier this year, I discovered that he'd been playing one of the lead roles in the stager version of La Cage aux Folles. Now I saw the original movie of this many years ago, and enjoyed it, so the idea of a stage version was appealing, even without added Denis. However, he'd just finished his run in the show. Other good stars have been in since, but I never got around to seeing any of them (John Barrowman is currently starring) and regretted missing my chance to see Denis again.

Well, red_scharlach kindly informed me earlier in the week that Denis is returning ! He's only playing for about a month (December), so I got on with it and have now booked everything for a couple of days in London town over the second and third of December. Single train tickets to London were way cheaper than the open return, so I booked those - and went for First Class, which was £20 eaech way. I've found a decent looking 2 star hotel that's actually in central London, unlike some of the others that claimed to be. That's £40 for a single room for one night and has an en-suite bathroom, unlike several others in a similar price range I looked at. And I booked my ticket for the theatre.

As I'm short, I always worry about getting stuck behind someone taller, or behind something like that wretched safety rail in the upper circle at the Lyceum, which is exactly in my eyeline. So having decided I was going to do things in style, I book a seat slap bang in the centre of the front row. I considered taking a seat at one of the cabaret table in front of the stalls, which become part of the show as the dancers come and dance on them. However, not knowing the theatre, I was worried that if I was too close to the stage area, my view might be restricted as my eyeline is lower than most people's.

So I'm really looking forward to seeing the show. I'll have an afternoon and morning free in London. Any suggestions on what to do ?



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22nd Oct, 2009 06:19 (UTC)
Wow. Cool - and well done to get everything at such a sensible price! :-)
22nd Oct, 2009 06:21 (UTC)
we're there the 4th and 5th but still need to book somewhere to stay, where have you booked?
23rd Oct, 2009 13:02 (UTC)
It's the Glendale Hyde Park Hotel. I found it and booked via Expedia but it has its own website. Just Google for the name.
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