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Going Out In Style

I've been thinking for a while that I needed to replace my plastic cat carrier. The bottom latch on the door was broken when I was given it and attempts to mend that have only been partially successful. It's also not that large. When I brought Iella home in it from her breeder, she lay neatly at the back, almost rattling around in it. Now she looks decidedly cosy in there, and she's still growing. Diesel is much the same. It's OK for short journeys around Sheffield but really, the cats deserve better. I do have an old-fashioned wicker carrier, which is much larger but otherwise rather basic.

So I needed a larger, but not extorionately expensive carrier - preferably one with a comfortable handle for carrying it. For years, it seemed at all carriers had narrow handles that were square in cross section - very uncomforable for carrying weight. Some now have fatter and rounder handles, which are more comfortable to grip.

The carrier I eventually chose is this:

It looks space-age !

The door at the front can be easily opened with one hand and the top part unclips to lift off. The handle looks good, and it comes with a shoulder strap. The white panel at the front is a food and water container that can be taken out without needing to open the door, so risk of escape if you want to feed them in transit. I can't wait for it to arrive - though I doubt that the cats will share my enthusiasm :)



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8th Oct, 2009 13:10 (UTC)
Very nice! And the shoulder strap is a brilliant idea - why didn't anyone think of that before?
8th Oct, 2009 16:37 (UTC)
I'm not entirely convinced the shoulder strap will be wonderful. The carrier will probably bump against your hip all the time.

There are carriers that come with wheels and long, pull-along handles, but I wouldn't want to use those for anything further than car park to building. Being trundled along a pavement at foot level would be rather unneverving for most cats, I'd imagine.
8th Oct, 2009 16:21 (UTC)
That's like keeping your cat inside a first-generation iMac!
8th Oct, 2009 16:37 (UTC)
*looks at photo*

I see your point :)
9th Oct, 2009 20:58 (UTC)
Wow, I love the look of that. I'm not convinced it has enough padlock potential for Jasper who does the starfish move when going in and then the great escape bid once inside, will have to have a closer look though as I do like the look and his is very cosy and rather old now. That said, Jasper is nearly 12 and it was bought for the cat before so the carrier must be very old!
10th Oct, 2009 01:21 (UTC)
The door at the front has a clip fastening on the outside which the cat can't reach. It secures nice and firmly. (Mine arrived this morning, so I've had a good look at it). The white top part is hinged at the sides and opens up from the centre line, so the cat can be put in from above, through a large opening. You can see it for yourself when you come over.

Skiffle tried splaying out like a starfish and refusing to go in. I foxed her by turning her around and putting her in bum first. Worked a treat.
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