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A big day for Iella today. Off to the vet this morning to have some bits removed. She's a fraction over six months old now, and I'm quite glad she hasn't come into season yet, as I imagine it would be rather noisy. No danger of that happening now she's spayed.

Vikki kindly drove us to the vet. Iella never made a sound (unlike Skiffle) and just sat very quietly in the cat box. She was rather anxious, poor girl, and I felt bad about leaving her there. Once Iella was in the hands of the PDSA, Vikki said she needed to go to Morrisons, and did I want to join her or go home. I went along: I haven't been in a supermarket larger than the Barber Road Co-op for a few weeks - doing most of my shopping online - and I haven't been to Morrisons for many a month.We didn't spend that long, but I was wilting when we were done. Neither of us usually goes shopping on a Friday, and we were both surprised by how busy it was. The PDSA had notices on the surgery doors asking for donations of paper towels, so we both bought some while we were shopping.

I got back just after one, and had been in for a couple of minutes when Julie (social carer) arrived for hair washing and flat cleaning. And she'd only been here a couple of minutes when the phone rang - it was the PDSA saying Iella was fine and could I pick her up at three. So from dropping her off to getting the call, I was busy and in company, and didn't have time to fret too much about her. I was greatly relieved to hear that she was fine, even though I was pretty sure she'd sail through her op. I called Vikki, who'd just got home herself. We both had about half an hour to get lunch before setting off back to the Vet.

I picked up a rather shocked-looking kitten, complete with plastic Elizabeth collar for her to wear at night to stop her getting at the stitches. That's going to be fun...When we got home again, she came out of the box and purred non-stop for 20 minutes, demanding fuss and cuddles. There's a large bite of fur gone from her left flank - all the more striking in a semi-longhair.

She's fine now, and gleefully defying the vet's instructions to stay quiet.. She's been happily spilling the contents of the water bowl onto the carpet - one of her favourite hobbies. Must get some kind of fairly rigid plastic sheet/mat to put under the water bowl. I think Diesel was hoping she'd gone for good. Diesel's been rather hissy with her since she returned.

Back to the vet Tues lunchtime for a checkup. If I can get her into the cat basket again.



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2nd Oct, 2009 19:15 (UTC)
I've noticed my cats get hissy if one of the others goes to the vet (except Minsky, who's never been the hissy type unless he's really provoked). I think it's the smell that winds them up.
2nd Oct, 2009 22:29 (UTC)
Ours are cut underneath, and only get collars if they're worrying their stitches. I never saw Claudia do it but they were all out when I took her back, and she was fine. :-P

Diesel might be hissing because she smells different. I find they always do when they come back from the vet and the other cats often react to that.
3rd Oct, 2009 07:45 (UTC)
Glad all went well, will email some dates when I get home (away for the weekend) to come and meet the lovely new girl :)
5th Oct, 2009 18:25 (UTC)
Well done Iella! It's a shame she'll never understand how much of a favour you just did her.
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