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I have wine and pot(s)

*cough* years ago I made wine - one demijohn of elderberry and blackberry and one of blackberry. Then, what with illness, a delapidated flat and the flat restoration, I never got around to bottling the wine. And then got into a funk about it, fearing it probably wouldn't be good, not after this time, which became an increasingly loooong time.

However, I finally got myself in gear, and rather than tackling the job of corking and bottling on my own, I summoned expert help. Most of the wine making stuff I have technically belongs to Iain F anyway and it was nice to have the reassurance of someone who done all this before. According to the labels tied to the demijohn's, the contents of both had been rough but sweet and recognizably wine when I'd put it aside to mature. It seems that since then, the wine had refermented, using up all the remaining sugar. Yes it was dry.

The elderberry was thin and not good. Iain reckoned that with the addition of sugar, it might be salvaged into something you could cook with, but it didn't seem worth the effort. The blackberry, however, was more promising. It still needed to have a lot of sugar added to bring it to a sweetish wine, which is what I wanted. It's also rather powerful. I succeeding in brewing alcohol, if nothing else :) So I now have half a dozen bottles of decent blackberry wine. I'm full of a cold at the moment, so was relying somewhat on Iain's palate to back up my own tasting, But at last - I have wine !

Two ebay purchases arrived yesterday morning, one of which had taken so long to arrive I feared it had fallen victim to the postal strikes. The old Hamlet cigar tin (picked up from a windowsill on West Street on the way back from an Iron Maiden concert in the 80's) that I've been using as a utensil pot is really too small. Most of the utenstil pots I've looked at on ebay are either too floral or too bland for my taste. However, I found one in a rich yellow-brown that's really nice. I also treated myself to a coffee jar from the Hornsea pottery. I have a brown Hornsea Heirloom design sugar jar, just the same as my parents have had from the 70's. My coffee jar is the Saffron pattern, which is nice and cheerful - and equally retro. More pretty things for the kitchen - yay !



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25th Sep, 2009 19:24 (UTC)
Congratulations on the wine! :-)
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