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This and that

Random stuff I've been doing.

Friday I got rid of a bar stool via Freecycle. I bought about pair of bar stool with some money I was given for my 21st birthday (so that was a while ago then). I have one in the kitchen, painted yellow, but the other has been gathering dust in the games room for years as there isn't room for both in the kitchen. Decided I might as well get rid of it. Decided to give it a wipe over before it was collected and discovered it was rather more battered and grubby than I thought. Managed to restore it to merely 'shabby chic' - any marks left were clean enough to eat your dinner off. Person who came for it seemed delighted anyway.

While I was at it, cleaned the toaster and kettle, including cable, plugs and socket. All looks lovely and shiny and new again. Am gradually replacing older/shabbier/dodgier stuff in kitchen and making it prettier. The old small cake tin handpainted years ago by myself has been replaced by a slightly larger, prettier one picked up for about 25p at the Birdsedge fete this summer. My old utensil pot is a Hamlet cigar tin picked up from a windowsill outside a West Street pub on the way back from an Iron Maiden concert about 20 years ago. It's too small really, and I've just bought a lovely orange glazed pot from ebay to replace it.

I'd forgotten how foul steroid pills taste, but they are definitely helping me recover from a recent relapse that was the culmination of a series of minor illnesses. My left leg now feels similar to the right one again, is less tender, and sensation is returning to the skin on the left side of my body. Energy levels have improved too.

Really need to get to a post office, as have various things to send around the planet.

Iella can now jump onto windowsills and likes to sit in the bathroom sink. She scabbles madly at the inside of the sink for no readily apparent reason, scraping with both front paws for a minute. Diesel likes to drink from a running tap and asks by rubbing her face against the tap. She's very neat about it, lapping from the flowing water while perched on the edge of the sink. Iella sat in the sink and tried for herself. She kept batting at the stream of water, possibly trying to divert it. She stuck her head right under the tap to see the water falling, and had it running over the backs of her ears and the back of her head. She tried to drink by turning her head sideways so the water flowed into the side of her mouth, which wasn't very successful. Water was getting flicked and splashed all over, which didn't bother her at all. It just sat on the outer surface of her fluff, which is designed to be largely waterproof. Her white front legs were speckled with beads of glittering water, like glass beads on a white Xmas decoration.

Need to go get laundry from the machine now. Having an automatic still seems like bliss after more than a decade of the twin tub.


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