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Cutting back

I've been doing a little gardening the last couple of days. The builders finally came and removed most of the debris left behind by the roofers. The bathroom in flat 2 is being remodelled and the contractors have splashed something white over the Lily of the Valley and around it, and poured something tan-coloured nearby. As well as leaving cigarette ash in the potted Goth fern. I complained to the builder, who promised to clear it up. Quite how he intends to clean Lily of the Valley leaves, I don't know. The stuff hasn't washed off in the rain.

The pink flowered potentilla that Ven gave me was looking rather sad, and needed repotting. I divided it in two and put both parts into bigger pots (with 'help' from an interested Iella). Hopefully, it should have nice flowers next year after a poor performance this summer.

Yesterday I cut back the two purple flowered hebes - neither of which I planted. They just materialised in the front garden. The branches I cut off were the ones with flowers on, so I brought those indoors and arranged them in a large vase, putting it on top of a bookcase, well out of cat reach. I cleared up some of the smaller bits of rubbish that the builder had missed, and thew out a heather that died a while ago. I need to wash out the lovely blue glazed pot it was in, then I shall pot up the golden azelea into that.

Next item after that is to look at the holly sapling and work out whether I can successfully dig it up  and transplant it to the back garden (it's growing right by the edge of the concrete in front of the house, so much of the root ball may be under there), or if I will just have to cut it down and try to kill the stump.

And the Great White Hebe that I hacked back severely in the spring is now getting good and leafy again. I knew I couldn't kill the bugger that easily.


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