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It's good to share.

I got a phone call from Vikki a couple of hours ago - she and Iain are off to America tomorrow, for about 3 weeks. Although the trip in general was planned, the actual departure date depended on other things and so was rather short notice. The result of which, Vikki said, was that they had ''a few perishables' in the fridge. Did I want them, as otherwise they'd have to be thrown out ?

I said OK, and Iain just dropped off 'the few perishables', which fill a folding crate the same I size to carry my laundry in.

1/2 ltr (approx) of pomegranate, blueberry and acai smoothie (what the hell is acai ?)
"                    " of apple juice
3/4 ltr organic semi-skimmed milk
1 fresh corn on the cob
250g fresh fusilli
3 Rustlers miscrowave 1/4lb beefburger
6 mini yorkshire puddings
435g crunchy stir fry mix - beansprouts, green pepper, water chestnuts, red cabbage
3 Braeburn apples
7 mushrooms
1 head brocolli
2 leeks
3 carrots
200g coleslaw mix
250g breansprouts
roughly half a supermarket roast chicken
Chicken tikka Masala and rice ready meal
1 chesse and garlic bread
1 tomato and garlic bread

I'm not sure there's room for all this in the fridge ! Luckily Ven's coming over on Monday, so she can have the curry and might share some of the other things.

Better go and put it away before the cats make a mess of it.



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18th Jul, 2009 06:34 (UTC)
Wow! :-)

Acai berries are one of the current fashionable superfoods - more nutritional value than you can shake a stick at, apparently, and therefore popular with people who are losing weight because you get all the benefits without a lot of calories. I've never tried them, largely because, like most fashionable foods, they're a stupid price.
18th Jul, 2009 10:17 (UTC)
That looks like my shopping list for a month, mostly because I use a lot of frozen veg. When you are cooking for one it's cheaper in the long run to buy frozen and it's just as good as fresh nutritionally but I will admit it doesn't taste as good.
18th Jul, 2009 14:20 (UTC)
So far I've finished the smoothie and the apple juice and had one of the burgers, with some lettuce added.

Fridge is still duntingly full.
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