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I phoned the surgery first thing and, miracle of miracles, got an appointment for this morning. As I was waiting, I saw Tim and the 2 girls - they'd been for the nurse to stick needles into Roo. B came over to give me a hug and kiss, which was sweet. We'd just settled for a nice chat, when the doctor called me - I usually have to wait 10-20 minutes, but not today !

I told the Doc that the antihistamine tablets weren't helping my blurry vision, which is really starting to bug me now. One eye is fine, but the other has blurry patches, and it's like someone's shining a torch into my eye. So we're trying antihistamine eyedrops now.
  I decribed other symptoms I've had, and said I thought I might be a little anaemic. So she signed a form for a blood test, and while she was at it, ordered tests for kidney, liver and thyroid function, and blood sugar level, as well as anaemia. I have low blood pressure as it is, I don't need them sucking pints of the stuff out. Oh well, I guess it will save faffing around in the long run.

Must remember to water the tubs in the garden later. The new honeysuckle looks to be thriving after I sprayed it against whitefly - though to be honest, when I looked at it this morning, I couldn't see it too clearly. The Goth fern is still alive and has developed two tiny leaves. The pretty tub that Edy gave me for my birthday needs repotting, as the rhododendron has nearly doubled in size, and is swamping everything else in there. And the potentilla has started flowering again.. Working in the garden will give me an excuse to wear the new gardening gloves I got from Lakeland. They fit like a real, knitted glove, unlike the oversized and clumsy ones I was using before.


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22nd May, 2007 15:51 (UTC)
Tim said he'd seen you and you 'were a little blurry' - hope all is OK!

23rd May, 2007 10:52 (UTC)
Glad the pot is doing well!
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