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Which one's pink ?

All three of us, actually.It was dry for the Birdsedge fete on Saturday, but mostly slightly overcast. So neither Vikki, Helen or myself bothered with sunhats or cream. We arrived just before 11 am to find the stall set up ready for us, and the paddling pools already inflated and with water in. We arranged the prizes for our double stall - Hook-a-duck and Ring A Frog - inflated some of the balloons that are always popular as prizes and made ourselves comfortable for the 12 opening. Helen bought herself a roll and some cake from the WI, but didn't manage to eat it until about half two. We were rather busy.

Our stall was in a new position, near the field entrance, and opposite the barbeque stall, so we have mouth-watering smells drifting our way all day. It was more sheltered than our previous site but we couldn't see any of the displays from our stall. With three of us on, we could take it in turns for a wander around. Vikki stocked up with homemade jams and preserves to take to relatives in America when she visits soon. I restricted myself to a pretty biscuit tin (50p, I think it was) and a new plant for the garden; a sedum.

We were tired when the fete closed at 5, but we'd taken £163 at 50p a go, so we were pleased with our contribution to the total. We retreated to a nearby pub for tea and finally realized just how much sun we'd had, even though it had mostly been overcast. We all had rather pink faces, especially Helen and myself. Fortunately both of us were wearing long-sleeved tops so our arms were OK. I was actually slightly sunburnt, as my nose and cheeks were a little sore the next day. I dabbed on witch hazel three or four times during the day and that helped a lot. Not looking too bad on Monday, and not sore.

In the evening was the concert. This has been a perishing cold event in previous years, so I got armed with a cushion for the seat and jumper and rug in the rucksack. This year though, it was pleasantly warm, even when the heavens opened around 10. The top act, Tanglefoot, played a longer set than on previous visits, as this is their last tour in the UK, and their last gig in the north.They were as wonderfully exhilarating and funny as before.

Then home to be greeted by accusing cats, who wanted to know where I'd been all day and demanded food and attention.

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