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And clean up after yourselves !

No, not the cats.

There were roofers here at the end of last week and Saturday. The bay window needed a new roof and has been swathed in bright blue plastic for the last few weeks. Well, the roofers came to replace it and I noticed they were leaving random lengths of wood scattered about the front garden, squashing some of my plants. Now granted, it's a tiny patch of garden, but they could have been more careful. I asked them not to scatter stuff around, and just got the reply that it was a small garden and not much room to put stuff.

When I looked on Sunday, when the job was finished, I was most annoyed at the mess they left behind. I wondered if they might be coming back to clear up after themselves on Monday, but nothing has been touched so far. They don't seem to have taken away any of the rubbish they generated in putting a new roof on the bay window. So I've just emailed the agency.


I was wondering when the roofers were going to come back and clean up the mess they have left in the front garden. They have left a sheet of plywood, assorted used timbers and other rubbish piled against the bay window, and two buckets and a paint container full of rubbish besides. All the roofing felt they removed is piled in scraps on the garden and old nails are scattered about. There's a pile of about nine bricks by the front wall near the honeysuckle.There are also tufts and strands of something that looks like either glass fibre or asbestos fibre scattered about the garden.
In the course of their work they crushed some of the plants I've grown, including a couple of hostas and the solitary foxglove, and knocked down and broke a small garden ornament of mine that was among the plants.

All in all, the front garden is a complete mess and not a safe area to let my cats out. I do hope it will be cleared up very soon.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Taylor

Note, I have no idea where the bricks came from !


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7th Jul, 2009 11:15 (UTC)
Let's hope that gets them moving! I can't abide workmen not clearing up properly.
7th Jul, 2009 16:36 (UTC)
UGH! What a pain! Here in our state, contractors lose their licenses or can be fined for doing that. I hope your nicely, but firmly, worded missive gets the job completed correctly!
7th Jul, 2009 16:49 (UTC)
Don't you know roofers don't know the meaning of cleaning up after themselves. Good luck!
7th Jul, 2009 18:04 (UTC)
Hope that e-mail has some effect.

As for the bricks, everyone knows that when you take something apart and put it back together again, there's always a few bits left over! ;o)
7th Jul, 2009 18:31 (UTC)
I got an email back from the agent this afternoon. Apparently it was a 'specialist resin worker' who did the covering, which seems to mean that he doesn't have to clear up after himself. The agency's regular builder will be moving the mess and the agent will remind him tomorrow. Though the builder 'is extremely busy ... so there is a chance it may be next week rather than this.'

Agent also added simply 'I'm sorry about the plants', which somehow is almost more irritating than if he hadn't said anything.
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