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Me and my shadow

Information on Norwegian Forests describes them as friendly, people-orientated cats. Now, people, especially breeders, who want to promote the breed may be biased, but I'm begninning to think that they're not exaggerating.

Every time I move around the flat, I have a little, furry shadow. If I leave a room while she's sleeping, a few minutes later there will be indignant squawks and cries from Iella, demanding to know where I am. I call to her and moments later she bounds into view. Diesel generally likes to be in the same room as me, and has spent much of today sleeping in the middle of the games room floor. Iella though, is either under the footwell of the desk, or curled around the base of my office chair. I have to check where she is every time I want to move the chair, even a couple of inches, just in case I might be about to run her over.

None of my previous cats have shown much interest in mirrors. Iella has seen her reflection in the glass front of the TV cabinet and gone round the back to look for the other kitten. Bless.

I introduced her to the washing machine this evening. Neither Skiffle nor Diesel have ever taken much intest in it except as a route to the sink and windowsill. The first time Iella saw it, she stood on her back legs and peered at the porthole on the front. When I started a wash this evening she was initially alarmed by the sound, but I easily coaxed her back to watch. She was fascinated by the gently tumbling clothes and happily sat watching for a few minutes until I went back upstairs. Then, of course, she followed me :)



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2nd Jul, 2009 23:52 (UTC)
*is suffering from a bad case of kitten envy*
3rd Jul, 2009 00:14 (UTC)
You might be less envious of my growing collection of kitten scratches. All done accidentally - no malice intended - but the one on my stomach and the one across my right foot are quite impressive. It really doesn't help that in this weather my flat is so hot that I've spent the last couple of days wearing little more than my undies, so nothing at all to protect me.
3rd Jul, 2009 10:50 (UTC)
So sweet! I really want a new kitty, but I'll have to make do with my time-share cat. :(
3rd Jul, 2009 14:05 (UTC)
Sounds like she must be related to my dog :-D. Just hope she doesn't get bored, intelligent creatures like that need lots of mental stimulation or chaos ensues!
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