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Just kitten about

Iella came home on Sunday; she travelled from Leicester to Sheffield in her cat box without making a sound. She lay quietly, looking about with interest, and nearly nodded off once or twice. I just hope she continues to be so peaceful when travelling. It makes a nice change from the usual howls you get from cats. Skiffle had perfected a particularly dismal wail.

Iella came straight out of her box, stretched, and began to explore. She also started to purr, and has only stopped occasionally since, generally when eating or sleeping. I've got her bowls and a litter tray set up in the living room, so she can be shut up there to keep the introduction to Diesel gradual, and to keep her out of the way if I'm doing something like cooking and can't readily keep an eye on her. Skogkatts are known for being people cats and Iella certainly is.  She follows me around, and hasn't yet grasped the concept of not getting underfoot. And when I shut her alone in the living room, she shouts in protest, making a surprising amount of noise for a little catlet. As well as purring like an engine (petrol though, not diesel), she also chirrups. She's a talkative little girl and loves to be fussed and played with.

Diesel was decidedly put out and is inclined to be a little huffy with me on and off. Her attitude has mostly been hisses from a distance with occasion rumbled threats if Iella gets to close. She's been up to Iella and sniffed her a couple of times, still ready to hiss, growl or slap but willing to get close, so long as it's on her own terms. There's also periods when she's willing to ignore Iella, even when she's quite close. At the moment, Iella is sleeping stretched out under the footwell of the computer desk while Diesel is curled up sleeping on the floor, about 5 feet away. Iella has learnt not to go bouncing up to Diesel, which is good cat manners, but her feelings are never squashed for very long. She'll give Diesel a wide berth to get past her, then go and play. All in all I reckon it's not going too badly.

*giggle* I was just looking at Iella under the desk, She was lying on her side with her head raised, but her eyes were closing. Sleep suddenly won and her head dropped sideways onto the carpet. There's the occasional drowsy chirrup from under the desk - and gentle snores from Diesel's direction. No doubt Iella's charging up her batteries for zooming about, shouting and playing later on.



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30th Jun, 2009 17:53 (UTC)
Awww. I remember when you had to introduce Diesel to Skiffle - that seems an age ago! It's quite funny for it to be Diesel who's all huffy now :-D

I look forward to meeting the bundle of fluff, but I think we'll leave it a while yet :-p
30th Jun, 2009 18:23 (UTC)
Awww, bless her! :-)
30th Jun, 2009 21:30 (UTC)
Welcome, little Iella!

How wonderful that she's settling in so well! I've found feeding them near each other and moving the bowls closer each time till they're eating side-by-side also helps.

She seems a very friendly and adaptable little girl, like Ashley was (she was also a good traveller. Jasmin was terrified by the car and spent her first two days hiding, but she's a bouncy little ball of energy now.
1st Jul, 2009 15:30 (UTC)
How sweet!

To ease the transition, you might try rubbing a very slightly damp towel on each cat then rub said towel on the opposite cat, thereby mingling scents. Then, touch your finger with a drop of vanilla extract and place a tiny dot on each nose. That overwhelms the sense of smell to a certain extent and using vanilla in particular seems to calm aggressions and territorial issues a bit. Our breeder turned us on to that trick and it has worked well!

Good luck with the introductions. I'm sure they'll at least tolerate one another in no time!
1st Jul, 2009 15:41 (UTC)
Hehe I used to use that trick on male guinea pigs when the testosterone got a bit too much (littermates, I wouldn't keep males together otherwise) - but with Vicks near their bottoms instead.
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