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Eeeeeeeeeee ! Kitty !

this evening I made the round trip down to a village just outside Leicester to see another Norwegan Forest kitten. The breeder actually had about a dozen, all close in age, all happily in one kitten room. Several had already been reserved but none of them will be leaving for their new homes for another two-three weeks, when they've had their vaccinations (plus being microchipped, wormed etc). There was a pretty black and white available, but nearly all of my cats have been black, black and white or grey and white, so I wanted a change.

The breeder was friendly and chatty, and we spent ages there. Steve talked cat fancy and breeding, while Helen and I largely occupied ourselves with the kittens. Just one or two kittens to play with is great, but having a herd of them charging after a tuft of feathers on a stick was fab :). I eventually interrupted Steve to say that we ought to be going, and got down to business. I'd chatted to Firoza, the breeder, when arranging the visit, and I thought things would be OK, but I was still relieved when she said she'd be happy for me to have one of her babies. Responsible breeders do like to know their little darlings are going to be looked after properly. Mind you, being accompanied by a registered GCCF judge (Steve) is a good recommendation.

So I'm going to have a little red and white girl. Her pedigree name is Eucharis, but Firoza liked my choice of pet name - Iella - which is already up on the website. And here she is:

We'll be collecting her at the end of the month. Steve and Helen were planning to go to some art/ceramics show near Nottingham anyway that weekend, so we'll go there first, then down to Leicester to pick up Iella and bring her home.

I'm so excited.
Kitty !
Eeeeeeee !



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9th Jun, 2009 02:21 (UTC)
Congratulations, Momma! She's absolutely beautiful! Darling little fuzzwhomp! You better keep us updated with photos!

How big are her parents and how big does the breeder expect her to get? Did you get to meet at least the momma kitty?

SO happy for you!
9th Jun, 2009 02:44 (UTC)
We met about three of the queens, including Mum. She's not that big a cat. However Dad, judging by the photos on the website, is a pretty impressive chap.
Iella is about the smallest of her litter, so she may stay a reasonable size like her mum. I like the idea of a biiig, furry cat, but one of more average size might be slightly more practical for me.
9th Jun, 2009 03:31 (UTC)
Aww, she's adorable! And she looks like she'll keep your lap warm come winter.

Iella is a good name. Smart, pretty, and a bit of spunk!
9th Jun, 2009 04:49 (UTC)
She's gorgeous! How do you say her name; Yella? Eye-ella?

I couldn't find her under either name on the site, but little Peony is just as adorable. What darlings!
9th Jun, 2009 09:12 (UTC)
I've only seen the name written, so I've always pronounced it as eye-ella.

The website doesn't work as well with Firefox unfortunately, and the kitten page in particular comes out jumbled. If you still have IE, it works fine in that. Go to the kittens page then follow the link for Ini and Hedera's flowers and plants litter. You can still do this in Firefox, you just have to pick out the link which is superimposed over pics where things are all sqashed together.

Iella was on there when I looked late last night.
9th Jun, 2009 10:00 (UTC)
Found her now on IE8! I love that they show the kittens at different stages.
9th Jun, 2009 06:12 (UTC)
Awww - she is totally adorable! I'm looking forward to meeting her in purrrson. :-)
9th Jun, 2009 08:18 (UTC)
She is beautiful, and such a star, she already knows how to pose. I do envy you.
9th Jun, 2009 09:14 (UTC)
I don't know if it's just Skogkatts, as those are the ones I've been looking at recently, but the kittens all seem to know how to pose. I've seen so many pics of kittens sitting with their head tilted cutely to one side. You could't *make* them pose any more adorable.
9th Jun, 2009 09:24 (UTC)
Adult cats can do it too but with them it's regal not cute, see my recent posting of Hobbes showing me he is now a grown up cat.
9th Jun, 2009 09:18 (UTC)
9th Jun, 2009 10:13 (UTC)
*faints due to kitten envy*
9th Jun, 2009 15:19 (UTC)
I can tell that little bewildered ball of fluff has some big paws to grow into!

Congratulations on your new baby :-).
9th Jun, 2009 17:02 (UTC)
Awww! Kitty! :-D

Hmmm...Diesel is going to look alarmingly large suddenly, isn't she? ;-)
9th Jun, 2009 18:05 (UTC)
Too cute!

Jasper jumped up at the computer and purred lots so I'm guessing he approves of your choice of cat colouring (that or would like to meet the new girl!)
10th Jun, 2009 08:35 (UTC)
*LAUGHS* I think it is possibly the latter!!

Lovely kitty!! So fluffy!


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