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Day tripping

Today we went with Mum and Dad up to Sheringham, a small town on the North Norfolk coast. We arrived in time to see a steam train departing from the station. The steam line links several towns along that part of the coast, and runs a regular service. I have travelled on it at some time in the past, but not today. We had a stroll along the front, and lunch in the tiniest cafe in existance. Gary and I were delighted to find a secondhand bookshop, and  even more so when we discovered it had another branch back near the station. This one was a wonderful maze of a place, lined with books from floor to ceiling, and piled all over the place. I was even standing on books at one point, in order to see what was on other shelves. We could have stayed there a lot longer, but Mum and Dad were already back at the car, waiting for us.

We also stopped in at a wonderful sweetshop. It had some luxury stuff - lots of interesting fudge and quality chocholate bars, plus shelves of old-fashioned sweets in jars. I got some peppermint creams (I love mints) and some soft toffee, and a chocolate coated marzipan bar. Gary got about three kinds of fudge, including the lemon meringue.

This week, I've bought 20 books (+2 on line), 2 games, 2 computer games, 2 tops, and a host of stuff from Lakeland. Then there's the games, books and papers from my parents' attic I'm bringing back. Dunno where it's all going to go, but I'll worry about that later.


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