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Cats and kits

Back to the Cat Shelter again yesterday. I was delighted to discover that both Rosie and Chui had been adopted during the week. Rosie was the 19 year old tabby, friendly and in good health. It's nice to know that someone was willing to take on an older cat like that. Chui was a rather plain tabby and white, mostly white, who'd had the tops of his ears removed after they were sun-damaged. He was a friendly cat, and I guess someone felt sorry for him, which is all to the good. He'll make a nice pet, if not the prettiest one.
  I spent some time fussing Blackie, a former stray. He was neutered late and picked up from life on the streets, as a consequence of which he's built like a bison. He has a broad head and thick neck, from being an adult tom, but his hindquarters are thin from lack of food, and he looks rather unbalanced. He also has some fur problems from a combination of poor diet and stud tail (overactive glands). Once he gets fit again, he could be quite handsome, and he's also nice and friendly.
  Frog and Rainbow have been moved to a small room of their own, as Frog is a bullish kind of teenage male, and was bullying the more timid cats he was sharing a room with. They liked having some company - Frog for playing and Rainbow for laps and cuddles. The black kitten, Lala, seems to have grown noticiably since last week. Her eyes are turning yellow/amber now, and she has a big purr. The shy ferals, Tinka and Ginger, sit in the middle of the floor sometimes now, rather than lurking in the most distant corners, but I still can't get closer than about three feet to Tinka, and that's only by being quiet, slow, and not looking directly at him. Still, they are still slowly improving.

I came home via the Pound Shop (set of poker chips, straw hat, cat brush) and rested before changing my clothes and going out to see some Norwegian Forest kittens. I went with Steve and Helen, who have bred and shown Abyssinians. Steve is now a qualified Aby judge and knows many people in the cat fancy. The kits were nine weeks old, and lovely. There was a brown tabby and white, a tortie, a large red and white boy and a silver tabby/tortie. The kits played with us, but much as I liked them, they all showed signs of an infection. They sneezed more than a healthy kitten should, and the tortie had a runny eye and the red boy had a slightly runny nose. They all looked pretty bright, and were well bred, but you don't know what will happen with an infection. Even if the kitten recovers fully, it could remain a carrier and pass disease to Diesel or other cats. The breeder's set up was a little odd too - seemed rather haphazard, though the kittens were well bred. So I don't think I'll be getting one of those. There's a couple of lovely red and whites available near Leicester though, so need to arrange to visit them. There's worse ways to pass the time

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