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Pretty as a picture

While I was in town today, I got a frame for the photographic print I bought at the art and craft fair in Buxton the other weekend. It's a lovely night time shot of the jazzed up new approach to the railway station It's a lovely picture, 18"x12", and I'll hang it in the hallway, I think. I'm also pleased to see that the the price I paid at the fair is about half the price he charges for that size on the website.



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4th Jun, 2009 07:39 (UTC)
I took an almost identical daytime shot when I arrived back in Sheffield on Monday, which is currently serving as my desktop wallpaper :o)

Sheffield Station

Edited at 2009-06-04 07:44 (UTC)
4th Jun, 2009 13:45 (UTC)
Oooo. Maybe I should get a print of your picture in the same size and hang them together.

Though the advantage of the night time shot is that you can't see the remains of Park Hillflats looming over the station.
4th Jun, 2009 17:59 (UTC)

I quite like the Park Hill skeleton. It's definitely an improvement. They should leave it that way.
4th Jun, 2009 08:10 (UTC)
That looks more like an exotic SF (Old Who to be precise)scene than a railway station. I would have bought it too if I had seen it first.
4th Jun, 2009 13:48 (UTC)
You can buy one if you want, and in a choice of sizes. They are photographs, so the photographer can just print more when one is ordered.

And I think we live sufficiently far apart that no one is going to say "Ooh, I saw that in Gillian/Linda's house" :)
4th Jun, 2009 14:15 (UTC)
Too true, but you haven't seen my walls. For 5 years I worked in a library where we had a reading room that I managed to get filled for 2 years in advance by artists who wanted to hang there pictures ther for sale. I didn't buy from every artist but I do have 8 painting/sketches from displays one of my own paintings, a sketch of a dog on a doorstep I bought in west wales and a couple of prints from my parents and Grand Parents eras that I like. And that is just in my living room and dining room. I wouldn't have been able to resist if I had seen it and could buy immediately but I can resist sending for it. %D
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