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Cats and the Coast

I had a lovely day out on Saturday, even though it did mean leaving the house at 7 in the morning. I travelled up to the north-east with Steve and Helen, and their friend, Simon. The men were going to spend the day at a cat show - Simon judging and Steve stewarding - while Helen and I would look at the cats, then take the car and head off to the coast for the rest of the sunny day :) Helen and I sat in the back, so the men could prove her theory that it's not just women who gossip. Steve grumbled, then he and Simon gossiped non-stop about the cat world from Sheffield to Scotch Corner.

The cat show was at the Nissan Social Club, between Washington and Sunderland. I've admired Norweigan Forest Cats for a while now, and wanted to see some in the fur, so I tagged along to the show. It wasn't a big show, but there were a few NFC cats and kittens, including a vast black and white and a truly huge brown tabby, who was only three and still had some more growing to do. It was fascinating to see breeds and colours I'd only seen in photos and difficult to resist the tempation to rub some cats that pressed themselves against their pens and demanded attention. You shouldn't touch a cat at a show without the owner's permission, as it's easy to transfer infections. All the pens were fixed up the same: standard white blanket, white littertray, white foodbowl and white water dish. Some cats preferred to be under their blankets and some pens had blankets hanging down from the top so the cat could sit behind in privacy if it wanted. Quite a few of the cats ignored their blankets and sat in the littertrays, even a few cats who only just fit. It was lovely looking at them but Helen and I were happy to leave the rather hot room and go out exploring,

We headed up through South Shields and back a little way long the coast to Souter Point Lighthouse, which was the first in the world built to be powered by electric light, and opened in 1871. We pottered around the little gift shop, admiring some jewellery and bought little tubs of locally made ice cream. We took these out to the cliff top and sat on a bench, enjoying the view out to sea, and the colony of seabirds on a large rock just off the coast. We had a little stroll then had lunch in the excellent restaurant. The cake stand was beside the door, and we mulled over the possibilties of grabbing a covered dish and making off witha whole cake each, but decided not to.

We then drove along the coast road until we reached Roker, where Helen knew there was an RNLI shop that had secondhand books.We browsed that first and got a couple of souvenirs, then wandered along the beach, looking for interesting rocks and shells - we both brought a few back. We took the scenic route back to the cat show, oweing to a slight confusion over road signs, but we weren't in a hurry and the countryside was lovely. All the trees are in full leaf, but everything is fresh and green, and hasn't got that parched, faded look that greenery often gets towards the end of summer.

We had another look around at the cat show, picked up the men, and headed home again, well satisfied with our day out.

And Steve and Simon talked about the cat world half the way home, too.


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1st Jun, 2009 19:54 (UTC)
Sounds like it was a lovely day!

So, did you like the NFCs enough to think about getting one? Or did something else strike your fancy once you saw it in person?
1st Jun, 2009 23:58 (UTC)
Oh, there were lots of types of lovely cats there. Maine Coons have a similar appeal to Skogkatts, and I love the powderpuff Birmans.

I'm sticking with the Skogkatts though, and am going to look at some kittens on Wed eve.

While I was at the show, admiring Ragdolls and the like I was trying to remember what breed Odin is. Isn't he a Ragamuffin ?

And how are you all getting on in that big old barn you bought last year ?
2nd Jun, 2009 04:08 (UTC)
Loving the new house...really digging the windows! (The cats and new dog like it too!)

And yup, Odin is a Ragamuffin. Large and in charge!

Maine Coons are neat cats. Lots of similar features to the NFCs just a little more variety to the coat patterns since they really are just great big ole moggies bred for their size and temperament.
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