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Quizzed again

I went back to Manchester again this afternoon for another quiz runthrough with the BBC. I thought it was for the same format as before though it turned out not to be. The start time was later and when I got there, I discovered they were already doing a run through, which was over-running as one of the participants had been delayed bty a late train. There were apologies and I was left in the bar with a selection of newspapers and the option to order whatever I liked from the bar.

The first runthrough had been for the same show we'd tried out a couple of weeks ago. The production team have settled a format now, and it went well according to Andrew, who'd been at the first try out. When we started on the second try out, it was for a different show/format. The first round went on rather too long, so we did an abbreviated version of the last couple of rounds. I like the idea though, especially that the last two players have to collaborate in order to win a cash prize that they share, rather than trying to outguess one another for winner takes all. I don't know for sure, but I suspect the confidentiality agreement I signed last time applies to the new show, so I'm being rather vague about the format.

Might get called back in a week or two to do one or the other again.I hope so.

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