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day tripper

I had a lovely day out on Sunday. Helen called on Fri and asked if I wanted to go with her, Steve and her Mum to Buxton, where there was an art/craft fair and book fair in the Pavilion It was a fab sunny day, and really nice to drive out throughthe Peaks. The countryside was littered with signs advertizing all kinds of events: plant sales, well dressing, craft fairs, garden furtniture sales... We resisted tempation though, and made for our original desitnation.

I've only been through Buxton, and never stopped before, so it was nice to see something of it. The pavilion is lovely, though unfortunately we didn't get to see much of the gardens. We started with the craft/art fair, where Helen and I admired the jewelry. Helen bought some, including a lovely necklace in blue goldstone, which is a favourite of hers. I resisted some lovely silk and paper earrings, and bought a large print of a superb photo of the new approach to Sheffield's railway station, taken at night. I need to get a frame for it, then it will go on the landing. There were also painters and a woman who did lovely embroidery pictures that we all admired.

We had lunch in the pavilion - a cheese, bacon and mushroom omlette for me, which was good. After our rest and food, we went to tackle the book fair. I saw a few things I'd have like but as I'd blown the day's budget on the picture and lunch, I was restrained. I got a pony book that I already have a copy of, but this one had a dustjacket, though sadly not a particularly nice one. Many pony books are illustrated by some very talented artists, and although this has lovely internal illus, the cover is not as good. It was only £2 though.   I was most amused by the quote in another old book "yuppies may come and porches may go, but the filofax is here forever !" - guess which decade that was published in :)

After that, we queued for good icecream - rum and raisin, mmmm - and ate them as we strolled back to the car, laden with our goodies. All in all, a lovely day


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