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It's Trek, Jim, but not as we know it.

Saw the new Trek movie this evening. I now have the urge to watch Galaxy Quest again.

I mostly enjoyed the new movie. I thought that largely they did a good job of updating the look, the characters were largely in character and the references to stuff that Trek fans know, like Kirk's approach to the Kobiyashi Maru scenario, were well handled.

I thought it faffed around a bit too long at the beginning, showing us Kirk as the reckless, disaffected youngster. Just pack him off to Starfleet Academy and get on with the plot, OK ? And give us a better-developed plot, with a more interesting bad guy too - and explain why these Romulans don't look anything like the ones we remember from the TV series too. I was quite happy with the time-travel bits and I was great to see older Spock too. I thought that was one of the best things in it. It was a little hard to imagine Spock getting his timing wrong and not saving Romulus though. I guess he needed Kirk to hustle him.

Spaceship design left something to be desired. The Mad Romulan Bad Guy claimed he'd been working as a trader, was it ? Nothing martial anyway. So what kind of cargo vessel is designed to be all pointy like that ? It looked intimidating, but didn't look much use for actually shipping cargo about in - you couldn't store much in all those pointy bits. And what's with all the random walkways across that big open space (and no handrails). And the paddling pool with massage bed they strapped Pike to ?
   The Enterprise was better aside from the large tubes full of water (or some kind of cooling liquid I think it was meant to be). They were as pointless as the poundy, swingy things that Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver have to make their way through in Galaxy Quest.
   My other Enterprise-related grumble is that officers kept leaving the bridge and telling Chekov that he had the con. Chekov's an ensign ! He's 17, and hasn't graduated from the Academy yet. There are officers senior to him on the bridge who had have had the con, like Sulu or Uhura. No it didn't make any difference to the action, but it was irritating to see command effectively given to the new recruit.
   Mind you, it's possibly not surprising that Uhura wasn't given the con. Starfleet rank insignia is indicated by the gold braid worn on the cuffs of uniform sleeves - the men wore braid according to their rank. The new version of the Trek minidress however, doesn't have sleeves. Uhura had nothing to indicate her rank so it's no wonder that no one remembered that she should have been given the con before Sulu or Chekov.

Still and all, I did enjoy it and may go away and read some of my favourite Trek novels again.


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15th May, 2009 23:54 (UTC)
It wasn't a cargo vessel; it was a mining ship (presumably for small planetoids). So it makes sense to have a pointy bit and that that thing that drilled a hole to the core, but it was a bit excessive, wasn't it?

I liked it. Pretty special effects and I liked the music. I did hate that begining car chase scene. I was terified the rest of the movie was going to be that horrible, since that was the trailer and they always show the cool bits in the trailer. Completely mindless entertainment, but highly enjoyable.

Seen this yet?
16th May, 2009 00:16 (UTC)
But were you ever tempted to trot out a classic Dad's Army quote during an interrogation scene?
16th May, 2009 10:04 (UTC)
probably not as tempted as I was to trot out a star wars quote during Kirk and Spock's conversation on Spock Prime's ship.
16th May, 2009 06:27 (UTC)
Someone responded to my question about why the Romulans didn't look like the usual Romanised Vulcans. It seems that in some ST comic it's said that Romulans shave and tattoo themselves in mourning, and these guys are mourning their whole race. I think they ought to have explained that.

Maybe the mining ship's spines had some function for drilling an asteroid field or something, and the water was used somehow for separating out the ore.

I figured that since this was an AU, they could have at least given the women proper uniforms. Or woman; there were hardly any females apart form Uhura. :-( Apart from that though? It was a fun ride.

Edited at 2009-05-16 06:27 (UTC)
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