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A busy day

Actually, I intended to have a fairly quiet day at home, but there you go. I posted recently that the formerly University-owned house next door is up for sale by auction. Today was one of the open viewing sessions so I popped round to take a look. There's quite extensive cellars, uncluding the traditional stone altar table and a place there I think the old copper would have been, for boiling water. There were neat little sets of shelves still on the walls in the bedrooms, which tempted me to pop round with a screwdriver at the next open viewing and collect one or two. I liked the long dormer windows in the attic bedrooms, which give nice views out the back, something I don't have as I only have skylights there. The house needs a new kitchen and bathroom, redecorating and carpeting thoughout, but it will make a lovely home.
  Rather sadder was the house over the road at the bottom of the Crescent. Its a 30's semi, hidden behind overgrown privet hedges. An old man lived there and the house was gradually decaying around him - tiles missing from the roof, broken window panes, faded paint flaking from the front door etc. I would see him occasionally, shuffling down to the local shops. He died a couple of weeks ago (which I didn't know about), and so the house it up for sale. The inside of the house is as neglected as the outside - it must have been a poor home for the old man, but I guess he was the sort who didn't like to ask for help. The kitchen had barely been updated since the 40's and it was filthy - how anyone could bear to cook and eat food in there I don't know. The bathroom was much the same. There's a small bedroom at the front which you'd immediately think of for a baby or small child. It still had a faded picture of Jerry the mouse on the door, and inside was a charming child's wallpaper from the 30's or 40's. It was very poignant.

Vikki called around 3.00 to say she had two tickets for a preview of Coraline, and Iain, her husband, now couldn't go. Was I interested ? And sorry for the short notice, but show start was 5.00.I said yes, and after a bit of hassle involving trams and out of date phone numbers, we got to Meadowhall just a couple of minutes after it started. Coraline is a very good film: a well-told story, inventive visuals, magical moments and splendid use of 3D. Only parts of the movie are 3D, in keeping with the story, but when it's used, it's used brilliantly. It's a little on the scary side for younger children, but shouldn't give them nightmares. I do recommend it.
   Afterwards, we visited a couple of shops included M&S, where I spent most of my prize draw voucher on some new bras. They have some pillows remarkably cheap at £3. The bit left on my voucher will cover half that, so if the branch on town has the pillows, I'll get some either tomorrow, or Fri when I intend to visit the Continental Market.

Absolutely shattered when I got home, but it was a nice trip

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