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23rd Apr, 2009

I've been out and about yesterday and today, exploring Sheffield's public transport. Yesterday I went to the Cat Shelfer again and chose to go by bus, instead of walking. Instead of getting off the 52 on Leopold St where I usually do when going into town, I went round to Arundel Gate to visit the mini interchange there so I could find out where to get a bus from town out to Ecclesall Road. The timetables said the route was Pinstone street, where there are plenty of bus stops. So I walked about the lenth of Pinstone street and couldn't find a stop for the bus i wanted. Walked back again, feeling increasingly overheated and stiff. Finally found the ruddy bus stop on Leopold Street, just along from the stop where I usually get off. *sigh* At least I'll know for next time.

Still, it was nice to finally arrive and see cats. The little kitten, Earl, I played with last time was in the infirmary with flu, so I didn't see him this time. I saw Scruffy again; she's looking more active and playful, which is nice to see. The little ginger terror, Alex, is still there. though a sweet pair of black and white sisters from the same room had been adopted. There was another pair of sisters, about 7 months old, who'd had almost no human contact. One was a tortie and the other was a pretty torbie. I managed to play with the Tortie, Maggie, and succeeded in touching her a couple of time. Her sister, Olga, bolted off every time I got within about a foot of her. It's rather sad to see them so shy and frightened, but hopefully time and love will teach them nothing bad will happen. If I was going to bring one cat home with me it would be Max. He's a huge, black Persian cross - fluffly and magnificent but without the squashed face of a modern show persian. He reminded me of my Shiraz, right down to the tufts of fur between his toes. Max climbed into my lap and purred madly, loving the attention. I'd love to have him about the house, but I don't think Skiffle would be impressed.

I came home via the market, and picked up a lovely minted lamb steak, which I had for tea, plus another ham hock - cost all of 50p and will make the basis of three or four tasty meals. I also got a lightly fuited cake with sugar nibs, like a big version of Kipling's Country Slices, for 60p and five Aeros for £1. I do like shopping in the market :)

I woke up during the night shivering with cold and wondered why, since the weather's been so pleasant. Then remembered that chills are an occasional side effect of my ms shots. I must have got used to stabbing myself with a needle every week, since I'd forgotten about it most of yesterday, and hadn't taken my usual dose of paracetamol in advance. So I had acute chills, which necessitated bed socks and a fleece throw on top of the duvet.  Which was in turn followed by a raised temperature and overheating. I'm so glad I don't often get the side effects. In any event, I felt so shitty this morning I seriously consider cancelling my appointment to discuss a new clinical trial. I went in the end, taking the 80 unilink bus, which goes from home round to Ecclesall road, and is another option for getting to the Cat Shelter. This particular bus was a rather old one. The brakes made a musical hooting sound, like someone blowing into a bass recorder, and the whole bus rattled like anything, There was a persistant beeping from somewhere and one point, and when the bus next halted, I saw the driver performing some percussive maintenance on the dashboard, which seemed to stop the beeping. It was a rather entertaining bus to ride on, but probably maddening to drive for a full shift.

This trial is about the benefits of exercise for people with ms. I go back in a fortnight for the assessments that everyone takes, before being randomized into either the exercise group or the control group, who don't have prescribed exercise. After that I went into town to post a copy of Darrow's Badge to a Blakes 7 fan who'd ordered it, and to put her cheque in the bank. Stopped in Oscar's news on the way home to buy milk, and then in Beanies, where I discovered the sealed bottle of milk was somehow leaking milk into my shoulder bag. I need to wash the lining now - not easy. I met Vikki, and we stood and chatted for a good twenty minutes. Left Beanies and Paul on his way home to Ju and baby J.  Then home for a good lie down


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24th Apr, 2009 09:41 (UTC)
sounds like a productive and busy time!! :)
25th Apr, 2009 10:00 (UTC)
Eep, sorry about the chills! Probably taking paracetamol helped stabilise your temperature in the past? Ginger helps me with chills, but I'm not sure it would help you, since it would make your overheating worse :-(

I hope the exercise goes well and you have fun.
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