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So far, so good

Dad had his hip replacement operation yesterday afternoon. I phoned in the morning, before he set off for the hospital, and he seemed in good spirits. He's 80, and it's a major operation, so it's been a bit worrying for all of us. I phoned Mum this morning and she says the op went went. He didn't have a good night, and may be in a day longer than anticipated, but by and large it's looking good. He chose to have the op done in Cambridge, which is a bit far for Mum to drive and visit, so I don't think she'll actually see him till he comes home.

Mum's not used to having the house to herself, and feels a bit flat. She's been keeping herself busy with a little housework. A physio came and inspected the house before the op, as Dad has to sit upright and straight for a few weeks afterwards, while the wound is healing. So he can't sit on his favourite recliner, or the suite, and has special chairs to keep him upright, and with arms so he can push himself up and out with his arms. There's a cage affair round the toilet too, so he can manage. He can't drive either, for six weeks, and they have a holiday in Eastbourne booked for early June.

Still, when everything does heal up, he'll have less pain and be able to get about more. So fingers crossed it continues to go well.



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22nd Apr, 2009 11:04 (UTC)
Mole's mum had one of those and recovered in no time. The difference in her mobility is amazing! :-)
22nd Apr, 2009 21:50 (UTC)
*fingers crossed* for a swift recovery - my Granny had her hip done at 80ish and was up and about in a couple of weeks! They had to tell her off and make her sit down ;-)
22nd Apr, 2009 23:58 (UTC)
Fingers crossed here.

Also, you have "went went" instead of "went well"
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