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A Grand Day Out

Yesterday we pottered about Wymondham, investigating charity shops and bookshops. I came home with several books, a pretty, new top, and a couple of elderly computer games - X-wing vs TIE fighter and Jeri Knight: both for £3.

Today we wanted to go further afield and decided to visit the Thursford Collection which has a fabulous array of traction engines, steam organs and the like. Some are regular agricultural machines and others are the lovely showman's engines, with brass barley-sugar twisted poles and fancy decoration. After inspecting the impressive machinery, it was nice to sit down and listen to a live performance on the Mighty Wurlitzer (which had come from a cinema in Leeds). There were large screens to either side, showing close-ups of the player's hands darting back and forth over the three levels of keyboards. The last number had an incredibly fast section: it was like watching something from a cartoon.
After that, we took a ride on the Ventian Gondola Switchback ride, which was lovely and swoopy, and then on the gallopers, which I always love. Then it was time for the delicious, home-made ice cream, which really was good.(I had rum and raisin). Sadly, the sweet shop closed before we got there.

Gary fancied a run to the coast before we came home, and as we were passing through Cley-next-the-sea, we saw a bookshop. Gary stamped on the brakes and stopped at the nearest parking space. It was a nice, second-hand bookshop, with chairs and a beautiful tortoiseshell, semi-longhaired cats. If I'd had any shots left on my camera, I'd definitely have taken a picture of her.

Altogether, a successful day.


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17th May, 2007 05:02 (UTC)
A bookshop with chairs and a cat. The very best kind!
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