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Friday evening invited the three friends that came to my second Mastermind recording over for dinner and to watch the show. Ven didn't show, and when I phoned her, said she'd sent an email to say she wasn't coming. Email still hasn't arrived. Gary and Adam arrived within moments of one another. Dinner was done a little later than intended, but was good. Pork in cider with herby dumplings, served with carrots and broccoli and seeded bread rolls. Dessert was Kendal Mint cheesecake, which had a base made from mint Vicount biscuits.
  After eating, they agreed to play undemanding board games, so I dug out Cross Over the Bridge and Sorry. I won both games handily, prompting the remark that the games knew who their owner was. If only that were true of more games.

I bought a light to clip onto the end of the new long shelf and decided to plug it in to the socket on the other side of the room, rather than adding it to the multiway adaptor I already use for the computer, printer, moniter and lamp on this side. The she;f ends level with the lower beam that runs across the sloping ceiling, so I've fixed the wire across the back of the beam, which means it's out of sight from most of the room. I had to pass the wire of the extenstion from the beam,  round the back of a double wardrobe down to the socket on the other side of the wardrobe. Said wardrobe has a lot of heavy stuff piled on top, which meant either removing stuff, or else posting the plug down the back of the wardrobe from the beam, and somehow reaching behind the wardrobe from the other end to pull it through. The wardrobe is a good 5' wide, so reaching behind it to grab something dangling down at the other end would be tricky. I was thinking that what I needed was a pole with a hook on it, when I suddenly thought of the pole with a hook I have for opening skylights. It did the job easily :) So I now have a nice little spot for that shelf of figures.

Today went out to Our Cow Molly farm with the Chivers family. We took the scenic route, which was very scenic. A nice sunny day, just right for a run into the country. I had a cone of the Cherry Cheesecake icecream, which was lovely. We pottered about a bit, looking at views and animals then bought tubs of icecream to take home. I tried a sample of the Christmas Pudding icecream, which I was tempted by, but it was a little heavy on cinnamon and similar flavours for my liking. I bought Black Forest Gateaux icecream instead. The staff were really friendly and helpful; it was a lovely trip.

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