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A nice quiet day at home

Well, that's what I wanted today. What with roleplaying, getting shelving, rearranging games room for said shelving, visiting the Cat Shelter etc, I've been relatively busy the last three four days. Today I hoped to be at home, no interruptions from my lovely careworkers or anyone else. I intended to carrying on sorting out the games room and to work on correcting the page proofs for 'Silver Express', as I'm getting a backlog of writing work.

So two parcels are delivered around 10.00am - less hassle than usual because the workmen downstairs have the house door open. I don't have to hurry down two flights of stairs to get to the door before deliveryman decides I'm out and goes away, leaving a card. Instead, workmen let postman in, who arrives actually at flat door with parcels.

Around 11 am get a phone call from the hospital, asking if I can come in for an MRI, which consultant had mentioned last Thurs and I'd forgotten about. Most surprized to be asked if this Sunday is OK. I didn't think they did scans on a Sunday, let alone Easter sunday. But there you are - the quickest from proposal to appointment I've ever experienced.

At 11:40 get another phone call, this time from neuro (Dr Sharrack)'s secretary. I noticed Tues that I was struggling to read the programme guide on the telly, and that things more than a few feet away weren't as clear as they should be. I've just finished a short course of steroids prescribed last week to help recovery from optic neuritis, so things getting worse is not got. So Wed I phoned Dr Sharrack's office and left a message explaining that things had deteriorated. The secretary called back this morning to say could I be in for 12:30 - in 50 mins time ? Fortunately yes, I could.
   My notes were not to be found, probably in limbo between neurology and eye clinic. Dr Sharrack read back over a letter, examined my eyes, and wrote a form for the MRI people asking them to include the optic nerve in the scan on Sunday. So had to trek down and hand that in, and will see Dr again 9.00am next Wed.

Took bus into town, feeling slightly wilted and had lunch and good sit down in M&S cafe. Felt a little better and caught 10 bus home, which takes the scenic route, but does stop very close to the house. Had a lie-down and sleep when I finally got in.

I did eventually sit down and do some work on page proofs this evening, but generally feeling below-par.

*insert grumbles and whines about health and stupid computer software and phone here*

I'm really pleased with the new shelf above the computer, with several of my favourite action figures arranged on it. Very satisfying it is.

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