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Voluntary - yes, work - not really

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours volunteering at Sheffield Cat Shelter I used to live nearby, in the later 80's, and my first few cats, including Shiraz, in the icon, came from there.

As I'm not really up to doing cleaning, I go there to sit with the cats, give them some fuss and attention, which the more active volunteers don't always have time to do, and to help socailize cats that are shy or haven't had much contact with humans. My first 'job' was to play with a little grey kitten called Earl, abandoned at only a few weeks old. So I cuddled him a little, to get him more used to being held, and played with a little kitten for 20 minutes or so.

Then I went and visited Babs, a big black cat with gloriously soft fur, who doesn't get on with other cats, and therefore lives on her own. She sat on my knee and purred for about 20 minutes while I stroked her, then I persuaded her to play a little. There's someone keen to adopt her, so with any luck she'll soon have a home where she can be the undivided centre of attention.

Then I visited a room with a group of 7 seven related cats who'd got too much for their elderly owner to look after. Again, more fuss and attention paid, especially to little Scruffy, who's a few months old and undersized, and generally doesn't look very well. She just sat in a basket, looking rather miserable, while the others were wandering around, playing and demanding attention. So I stroked her, letting her get to know me, then I picked her up for a cuddle, which she was happy with for a little while. I put her down when she asked, and was delighted when I got her to relax and play on the cat gym. She groomed herself a little, and looked more alert and happy.

I visited one more room, saying hello to other cats, including a boisterous ginger called Alex, aged about 7 months. I expect he'll get adopted soon, which will be a relief for the shy cats who were sitting in the corners.

So I got to spend time messing about with cats, and call it voluntary work  - fab :)


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9th Apr, 2009 05:53 (UTC)
Excellent work, especially sheering up little Scruffy. I hope she (and all of them) finds a good home where she'll be treasured.

I'm afraid to go to the cat shelter. I worry enough about the kittens and cats I see in pet shops, that they'll be adopted by someone who will love them and not abandon them. That's why I got Ashley from the Lonely Miaow where they're all in foster homes; it's not as overwhelming.
9th Apr, 2009 06:11 (UTC)
Awww. :-)
9th Apr, 2009 21:52 (UTC)
Awww, Little Earl and Scruffy! Hope they find fabulous and safe homes who will love them till their end.

I hate that humans domesticate animals, make them dependent on us and then abandon them at road sides or skips etc or abuse them. :(

Well done with the volunteering! *hugs*
12th Apr, 2009 10:48 (UTC)
Aww, that's adorable! I've worked in a cat shelter myself and the work there is really fun and rewarding.

Good job with Scruffy! :)
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