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Small things

Quite a useful day today. Laundered bedclothes so nice fresh bed later on. Proof-read another 3 chapters or so of Silver Express - must crack on and get that finished and sent back to publishers, then I can settle down to the western short I've started and the SW fanfic I'm in the middle of.

I've been doing stuff stuff with the action figure collection, mostly by way of changing some of the figures from winter wear into summer clothes. Sindy and friends are well kitted out with equestrian wear now, but rather lacking in straightfoward sets of other clothes. I've mended various pieces, some of which have had splits almost since my childhood. My original Sindy now looks very summery in an outfit I've owned for about 30 years, but hardly ever used. It's a red and yellow long sleeved top, that came with a red skirt with yellow trim, and a yellow skirt with red trim. She's wearing the top and the red skirt, and I found a pair of red Sindy shoes in the assortment of random Sindy and Barbie footwear I bought a year or so back. Anna and Pete, from the Champions range, now match rather nicely in yellow shirts and fawn jodphurs, though Anna has her proper boots while poor Pete seems to have lost all his footwear over the years and is wearing a pair of Tonto's moccasins. Blonde Sindy is still wearing a natty red and white knitted jumper with her jods, but I'll be giving her a white shirt for summer. I've got a bid on a collection of Sindy country clothes - tweedy jackets and skirts and more jods - which will be nice for Autumn wear.
  I really, really need more display space. I could probably fit another shelf onto the chimney space, just above the computer. The problem is drilling the holes, as the walls are made of really tough cinder bricks. It took Chris a real effort to put up the other shelves I have. The drills that the guys currently working in flat 1 have would do the job in no time. I may have to check the shelving supplies, and then ask nicely.

This afternoon I cooked the ham knuckle I bought in the market last week. I gave it a long, gentle slow simmer with a generous splash of Henderson's Relish and some rosemary in the water and it turned out beautifully. It's really tender and tasty. Next time I do one, I may add cider. I now have a pan full of ham stock, which may soon be soup. There is a lot, so I may well freeze some.


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