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Eyes, cats and hocks

I seem to have been moderately active the last couple of days. Wed night went to do bingo to raise funds for Bryony's school - and to have a fun night out with friends. I won a Kit-Kat branded easter egg with a mug. I don't need any more mugs and I'm not keen on the shape, as it narrows towards the base. It looks pretty but making a mug for hot liquids in a top-heavy design doesn't strike me as wise. So it will probably go to a charity shop. The egg was gratefully received though, and I really enjoyed the night out.

Today had an eye appointment at 9;15am. I arrived on time, but after a basic eye test, had to wait till nearly 10:15 before seeing anyone. Although I was officially booked to see my neurologist I got someone rather more junior. He asked me about when I'd previously had optic neuritis, and was that what I thought I had now. He had a file of my notes in front on him, and could have looked up details himself, maybe with a rough guide on dates from me. No wonder the file is so thick when so much stuff is needlessly duplicated. Junior seemed rather uncertain, so passed me on to a consultant, though not my neuro. She asked much the same questions, tested pupil reactions and my colour vision. It was about twenty to eleven at this point, and I was getting edgy as I had an appointment to get to for 11. Neuro agreed with my opinion that the ON was improving and said I probably didn't need steroids for it, which I was happy with. The she said my neuro had 'just popped out' and she wanted him to see me (this is the guy I was booked to see in the first place). Fortunately he did show up in a minute or so, and asked some ore sensible questions. As he's a MS specialist, he asked more general health questions and decided I did need steriods after all. The prescription can only be filled at the hospital but I didn't have time to wait. So handed it in for collection the next day.

Fortunately my appointment was only a few minutes' walk away in Broomhall, and I was only a couple of minutes late. I'd offered to help at I can't really help out with cleaning and other tiring work, but they also need people to just spend time with the cats, helping to socialize the more timid and less well handled and generally giving them some attention. I was shown round the ground floor and basement, but not upstairs as they have cat flu there at the moment. It's changed since I used to visit and help out in the 80's, and seems to have more and smaller rooms, with fewer cats in each one. So I shall be spending a couple of hours there on Wed afternoons, starting from next week.

Rather than walk home uphill afterwards, I caught a bus into town. Wandered into Primark and bought 2 T-shirts for under £4 then went upstairs in search of loos. I've been thinking of getting a throw for the sofa for a while, preferably in a colour like terracotta, to add warmth to the room. It turned out that Primark had simple throws in terracotta for less than £2 each. I wasn't looking for it, but found exactly what I wanted. The cats approve of it, and promptly curled up on a corner of the sofa to sleep and to shed hairs onto the new throw,
   I wandered on to the markets and bought a ham hock, which is a very cheap cut of meat. I've never cooked one before, so I'll be experimenting with it this weekend. Add a good splut of Henderson's Relish to the water I boil it in ? It will be interesting

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