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Well, I know the doorbell works,

And I got plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs to answer it this morning.

1. First visitor was a care assistant come to help with washing my hair. I was expecting Pam, who has recently replaced Denise, and instead got Joanne. Afterwards there was a slight dispute about which folder I keep my care record papers in - she insisted they couldn't be in the yellow council folder and picked up the black ringbinder. Fortunately she believed me when I told her that one had my bank statements, and I proved that the records are indeed in the yellow folder. She said I should have a book, which no one has mentioned to me in the last six months or so. Papers were signed and she left around 10.30

2. Most days the post doesn't arrive until after noon, and often doesn't show till well after half one. Today the postman came by at 11.30, which seemed stunningly early. He gave me a small padded envelope with some Sindy pots and pans I'd won off ebay. Assorted pans, utensils and storage jars have been added to the Lone Ranger's chuckwagon and look great. There was also a larger parcelm which wouldn't go through the letterbox. This turned out to be the page proofs for 'Silver Express'. I need to compare them with the original manuscript, mark any errors, and return the page proofs to Hale.

As I was up late last night, I thought I might do a little tidying,and arrange new accessories then nap before Julie came at 2.00 ish to do cleaning.

3. Was ready to lie down when Parcelforce man arrived with box to sign for. Another ebay win - a rare dappled grey Archie - Dashing Daisy's horse - to add to the collection. So cooed over new horse, named him (Idris) and sorted through the accessories, including a circus outfit for Daisy. I should get a Daisy doll to display with my four Archies, but they're not cheap. Need a Pippa doll to display with Pippa ponies too.

4 Still sorting through Daisy/Archie accs when unexpected BT engineer arrived, under the impression I was expecting him. He'd been at the exchange earlier. dealing with the fault I'd reported last Thursday. He explained there was a problem with the broadband and was most surprised to hear I'd been using it quite happily last night. He tested line while I switched the computer on and got online. Everything was working so he went on his way.

5 Julie arrived on schedule to wash the dishes and vacuum. She showed me some photos of her sister's wedding on Sat. Lovely sunny day and some nice photos taken in the Peace Gardens, with the fountain going and cherry trees in pale pink blossom. She was as puzzled as me by Joanne's demand for a book to sign, and asked if I knew anyone who wants to adopt a young (2 years) cat, as her brother is moving abroad soon to sail yachts around the Greek Islands, and can't take the cat.

Around 2.40 I got a light lunch and finally laid down to sleep for an hour in peace.


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