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Hit the road, Jack

Well, we've arrived safely in Norfolk. It was a pretty good journey; we followed A roads and B roads, so were travelling through the countryside, which looks lovely at this time of year. May trees in bloon everywhere, and horse chestnuts in flower, and everything looking fresh and green. There were roadworks on the A47 by Dereham, so we missed the turning on the B1135 to Wymondham (where my parents live). So we wound up navigating through some tiny country lanes, with high hedges and very sharp corners. What they often didn't have was signposts (rural Norfolk is notorious for this). In spite of this minor inconvenience, I successfully got us back onto the B1135 with a minimum of extra milage, and we were soon in Wymondham.

I've been sorting a box of random stuff of mine from the attic. There was stuff from High School - artwork, geography projects, programmes ans a statement from a savings account opened through the school over 20 years ago, and never touched since. I wonder how much is in there now ? Was also delighted to find some lovely magazines from the 1960's, given to me at High School by a friend whose mum had been a Beatles fan. I was hoping those were still about somewhere. Also lots of letters, mostly dating from my first year at university. Some from friends, most from Mum, and some from my brother, Geoffrey, who was stationed in the Falklands at the time (and hated it). Those I am definitely keeping, but quite a lot of stuff has gone in the bin.

There's a couple of boxes of books to look at, and another of games, including 'Battling Tops' which I am pleased to see. I suspect the games will be coming back to Sheffield :)

Gary and I are both pretty tired, so I don't think we'll be doing anything more ambitious than pottering around the town centre tomorrow.

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