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Out and about

Lessee now, what have I been up to lately ? Decided to go to the eye clinic Friday afternoon, as my left eye has been painful on and off all week, and suspect the mild optic neuritis is slightly less mild. I have an appointment there to see my neuro next week anyway but I had been told to come in before then if there were any changes. By mid-afternoon I was ready, but tired so had a lie down. Woke up at 4:30 and remembered the clinic closes at 4:00. Later on went out to the pub for the first time in ages and caught up with folks, which was good.

Mon afternoon I did get to the clinic. Eyes were peered at and did Ishihara plates again. Last time I was down a little in the left eye - got 14 of 17. Looked at them again and this time couldn't see any numbers at all on three or four of the plates. Not even enough to make a guess at, as before. It was rather disconcerting: I used to have excellent colour vision, and knew the numbers should be there but I couldn't see anything, Most were as clear as anything with the right eye.
   The bloke I saw conferred with the specaiist team first thing Tues morning, and they decided to stick to the appointments scheduled for next week.

As it was a sunny, though windy day, I walked up to the children's hospital and caught a 51 up to Crookes. Had a browse in Help the Aged and bought two fat paperbacks and two balls of golden eyelash wool to have a go at knitting a cosy scarf for my sister-in-law, Sharon. Haven't tried knitting with this yarn before, and don't know how big a scarf I'll get with 2x50g, so there may be some experimenting. Called in at the greengrocers too, and treated myself to a bottle of root beer, which I do like.

D&D was this evening, unusually. We finished meandering around in the Cretaceous period, living off strips of dried snake and dinosaur, and are now in 1611, getting roped into a production of Macbeth at the Globe. My character, Daniel, is playing Banquo. Daniel is at least a professional performer in his 21st C life - albeit a ballet dancer, not an actor. Now Jill has moved to Southampton, Ven has retired from GMing and introduced a new character with knowledge of magic and faeries, to replace Jill's character. Gilbert was stolen as a baby by the faeries and has just been kicked out by them, now he's turned 16 and isnt' cute any more. He's now attached to our party, and it's like having a puppy, except that we've said: "Mum, he followed me home. Do I have to keep him ?"


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25th Mar, 2009 08:49 (UTC)
I recommend using size 5mm needles or above , eyelash yarn looks 'wrong' if it's too compact, and about 15 stitches. That should give you enough of a scarf to go round the neck and fold over the chest or tie as it suits your sister in law, most of the kits you can get give you 3 balls so it will be a little short.

Sorry to hear about your eyes, My scores on those tests were abysmal when we tested each other in college Human Physiology practicals but that made me a very popular subject as I was the only one with colour vision problems. Hopefully it won't get any worse than it is now.
25th Mar, 2009 12:11 (UTC)
thanks for the advice on using the yarn. There were only the two balls of the gold in the shop, otherwise I'd have got one more.

I did a set of Ishihara plates online last night, and it suggests I'm slightly lacking in the ability to see green with my left eye. Oh well, the right eye is still good, so most of the time I can't really tell there's any difference.
25th Mar, 2009 16:34 (UTC)

sorry I had to say no to your visit on Monday, Jamie and I just walked in the door and I had to sort him out and I was too tired for company. I was in crookes on the way back from Kalina's, if I have bumped into you, I would have stopped at a cafe there and have a drink to catch up with you.

Baby is starting to teeth, so not in best company mood. Thanks for the phone call anyway!
25th Mar, 2009 18:06 (UTC)
You're welcome dear. Sorry I didn't see you, but quite understand that it's not always convenient to have visitors, especially when you have a small baby. That's why I thought it would be considerate to call first and check.

we'll make plans for another time OK ?
25th Mar, 2009 21:44 (UTC)
Sorry about your eye, and I hope the pain settles, or at least doesn't get worse!
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