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It pays to check

Three things in the post this morning. A new red jumper I'd bought via ebay, should be nice and warm and fits well, once I've turned the sleeves back the full length of the cuffs, which is about three inches. I got another red jumper from ebay yesterday - a lighter weight that I wore to the pub last night. That fits very nicely too, and the sleeves don't need turning up ! Most unusual for me.

There was also a payment summary from the Authors' Licencing and Collecting Society. I'm sure it's been a couple of years since I last had a payment from them. I thought that they might have figured out I'm not actually a paying member any more - and haven't been for several years. They keep sending me newsletters and stuff though. This year I'm actually getting payment for generic photocopying fees. I'm not paying for a membership, but I have had a member's commision deducted from the royaltes (?) In any case, I have an unexpected £90 in my bank account, which is very nice, thank you.

The other bit of post was my monthly bank statement. I like to have paper ones as well as the online, as when the paper statement arrives, I then make a point of looking through it. This rarely turns up anything untoward, but today I spotted the Tesco had taken the payment for my last delivery twice. So I phoned Tesco, who apologized and are putting the extra £32 payment they took back in my account.

All of which has been pretty much swallowed up already by things like paying the hotel fees for the convention, and for a couple of goodies for my action figure collection. Easy come, easy go :)


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