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Since then...

My broadband connection has been horrible, either donwloading at the speed of glue or giving me network interrupted messages, if not both. My first phone call to ISP suggested new drivers for the modem subsequent to line being upgraded. This didn't seem to help. Lots of being on hold and waiting for non-existant call backs. One tech told me to click the round, blue start button. I told him I didn't have one, just a rectangular button with start on it. He insisted that I didn't have Vista, but XP. No, I do so have Vista. It may be set to 'classic style' or some such - I fiddled with the look when I got the computer over a year ago. But I do know which OS I have. Reinstalled driver and spotted where I may have gone wrong before. Connection consistantly good now, thank heavens. Got a call back from tech some four hours after specified time. Just as well I'd managed to solve the problem without them.

Last Fri had lunch in town with tallbint  and her mother in law. We swapped presents - I got both birthday and Xmas. A cat brooch, a lovely necklace and a beautiful box of Thornton's continental. Thank you - I feel so spoiled. We visited the pound shop and Primark (so glamerous !) and I got some stickers for decorating cards and a Star Wars sticker album. There's some nice stickers in the middle - will have to decide where to put the X-wing ones. The rest is a colouring book with some hilariously bad artwork. The pics of Luke and Han are dreadul, and they even managed to get Chewbacca wrong.

I wore the necklace on Sunday to the Nightingale's party. I was great to see folk, especially the babies. I've only seen Jamie and Tanith once before, and never seen Ben at all before Sunday. Chatted, ate lots and showed some photos I'd taken last year at rich_jacko 's Indiana Jones party. I got whisked off later to go roleplaying, but took some edibles with me for later. Stranglely enough, although I'd made some sandwiches to eat later, I didn't want them.

Into town on Monday for interview at DWP about getting correct benefits etc. Very friendly and nice interviewer, and the new jobcentres are very sleek inside. Pottered around charity shops on that little pedestrianized road between back of Primark and the Co-op.  I got a couple of books and a pretty glazed pottery jar that's just right for storing raisins. Also got a new battery for the camera from a market stall - Panasonic brand and only £3, rather the £6/7 Boots charge for their brand.
   Had leisurely lunch in town and took bus to Hallamshire hospital for eye appt re blepheritis. Original antibiotic cream upgraded to one with steroids to try and reduce the swelling on lower eyelid. It's not that noticable, so I'm not likely to take up the offer to have lump removed from eyelid in 'minor surgical procedure'.

Got delivery from tesco on Tues afternoon. Once again I'd ordered the white chocolate and raspberry giant doughnuts at 3 for £1. And for the third time, they were unavailable. I wonder if I'll succeed in getting some before the offer ends. Oh well, it's not like I'm short of biscuits and stuff.

Been catching up with stuff stored on hard drive of telly box. Watched Ice Age 2 this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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