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I found Redemption - in Coventry

I had a long weekend away at redemption 09, a fan-run sci-fi convention. The hotel was a hideous concrete extrusion, that didn't seem to have been updated much internally since it was built in the 70's, but we had the whole place to ourselves and the staff were friendly and helpful. It was also helpfully right opposite the bus station, which was ideal for anyone like me, arrivning by coach.

Shortly after arriving I was helping out at the beginner ceilidh workshop. teaching people to strip the willow and do the Gay Gordon, and watching the flying baskets from a safe distance. After a sandwich from the bar, I went to the Torchwood Bingo; the episode used was the first of season 2 "Kiss, kiss, bang, bang". I was the first person to get a winning line, scoring with 'Someone draws/fires a gun or equivalent weapon', 'New alien', 'New artefact', 'Cardiff by night imagery' and the cincher was 'Jack dies'. I almost got a second line - I only needed 'Jack stands with his hands in his pockets looking moody' to finish the row. I won some chocolate, and 5 Drazi points to present to my team laeder.

Drazi points could be won in various quizzes and competitions, for costumes and other things. The team leaders (husband and wife) rallied their troops through the weekend, shouted, cheated and generally did excellent jobs. Team membership was decided by the colour of your con badge and I was green. I accumulated a few more points by some minor cheating, which delighted the Green Leader, who eventually won by a long way (there were rumours of photocopying points). Also going on through the weekend was the elections for Ruler of the Universe. I accepted edible bribes from a couple of candidates, including the eventual winner, Brigadier-General Lethbridge-Stewart. He received over 500 votes, even though there were fewer than 400 people at the con... I voted for Dexter the dinosaur, who was standing on behalf of the apocryphal members (cuddly toys). I'd registered and taken Stalky, my plush DRD, who is now proudly wearing his con badge

Saturday I went to various panels, including a talk on life-support systems, which turned out to be about real ones, given by a genuine scientist, not a discussion on life-support systems in fiction, as I'd assumed. another was on forensic science, by a tutor from Strathclyde University, which is one of the most hightly respected in the UK for this subject. There were also panels on slash, and making adult toys, which indicated that B&Q is the friend of the kinky. I skipped the air guitar workshop, (with inflatable guitars), and caught up with linda_joyce at the cake stall - mmm, cake. Early evening I decided to rest and eat, so never did discover what the 'How to find Uranus' game involved. I went to a steampunk panel and discover that enthusiasts meet in Sheffield and learnt about the Brass Goggles website

I sat with Linda at the fancy dress and cabaret and we laughed ourselves silly at the Scottish Falsetto Sock Pupper theatre, which was briliant, and frequently filthy. After that I hurried off to the Adapting TV shows to RPG panel that I was on. Plney of discussion, and about a fifth of those present were all former members of (NO)D&D Soc ! The last thing was a bondage workshop, that was so well attended we had to swap rooms with the filkers.

Sunday was busy all day too - more panels and workshops, plus the charity action I'd donated some of my Darrow books to. After dinner, I went to the Arabian Nights evening, and danced a bit, then went off to the final video of the weekend, which was the Rocky Horror Picture show. There were about a dozen people present, but I seemed to be the only one who knew the classic audience participation routine, which was rather disturbing. It's a few years since I've done Rocky Horror, so I didn't recall all the lines clearly, but I still entertained the rest of the audience, who got the hang of shouting 'slut' and 'asshole' in the right places. There was someone who knew some of the lines, including some newer ones I hadn't heard before. It's rather intimidating to be the only person calling "No he's not, she's got syph," though.
It was a good weekend, and I 'll probably post some photos of costumes and the knitted Dalek later.


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25th Feb, 2009 08:04 (UTC)
sounds like a fab time! knitted dalek! :)
25th Feb, 2009 09:29 (UTC)
This sounds great! And something I'd enjoy. When I was at uni, our sci-fi society never went to other people's conventions, only their own. Boring so and sos...
25th Feb, 2009 09:48 (UTC)
Sounds like a good weekend - hope you had a good birthday! :-D

And yay! Knitted Dalek! :-D
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