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Most of you will know that I like earrings - in fact I have 100s lots of them. And naturally, I like to take a few pairs with me when I travel. However, cases for the safe transport of six or so pairs of dangly, and not-flat earrings are few and far between. Jewellery cases seemed designed primarily for taking necklaces and bracelets (which I don't I don't wear much), brooches (which I don't wear at all), rings and about four pairs of more dainty earrings.

I was using a small rectangular jewellery box with three sections, which would hold half a dozen or so earrings, but there wasn't any way of securing them in place. Hence, after every journey, I ended up with a tangle of earrings to unwind. However, the hinge on this gave way around Xmas, so I've been on the lookout for something new. I don't actually want something for a selection of jewellery, as I can manage with stuff I already have: I wanted something specifically for earrings.

On Monday, I had a bright idea and this is the result:
It's actually a glasses case, with black leatherette surface and non-slip sort of baize lining. I cut a piece of packing foam to fit inside. The earrings are hooked into the foam, which is kept in place by the lining fabric, and which can be lifted out if necessary to add and remove earrings. It's deep enough to take shaped earring like the jade spheres though it's not big enough for my really large pairs. I could add more pairs than I've used in the demonstration photo. I put some jolly cat stickers on the lid so it's quite obvious which way up I should open it.
   So I have new earring case all ready for taking to Redemption 09 this weekend



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18th Feb, 2009 22:38 (UTC)
Excellent idea! :-)

I have a small jewellery roll which would also work for dangly earrings, though of course I use it for chains instead.
19th Feb, 2009 03:46 (UTC)
What a great idea! I even have glasses cases with foam already in them. :-)
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