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On being a scrubber

I put the oven on a couple of days ago, to warm up prior to cooking a pie. Now I know the oven needs cleaning, but when I went back to put the pie in, there was a definite faint  haze of smoke in the kitchen. And when I opened the oven door, the smoke alarm went off. So I had to fetch the pole from the bedroom, open the skylight in the kitchen, and stand with the door open, fanning away the smoke till the alarm shut up. Fortuntely, Fiona in the flat below is away at the moment, so I didn't disturb anyone.

I've got a can of oven cleaner (probably bought the last time it set the smoke alarm off), but it's a faff to do, and needs the kitchen to have the window open for a couple of hours at least, which isn't much fun in this weather, so I put off doing the job for a couple of days. However, today, I got on with it, and squirted foam round the oven before going off to D&D. When I got back, I wiped it all out, scurbbed a bit more with another cleaner, cleaned the door, the kickplate and the floor around it (which became necessary during the course of the work). I definitely see the appeal of those wall mounted ovens, like Mum's. You don't have to kneel down and bend so much to clean the buggers. I got a sharp twinge in my back earlier while doing the litter trays, and worried that I might suddenly get a painful back while in the middle of cleaning the oven.

Anyway, it's all done now, and hopefully shouldn't set the smoke alarms off when I put it on to do the pie tomorrow.

I got a nice treat at D&D. As I'll be away next weekend, Helen gave me my birthday present a week early. A box of Thornton's Eden chocolates; a little purse in orange Chinese fabric, and a lovely pair of silver and garnet earrings inside it. I feel so spoiled !

I've added a couple of things to my Amazon wishlist - just so you know. Good condition secondhand is fine :)


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16th Feb, 2009 15:40 (UTC)
that link doesn't take me to your wishlist - it takes me to mine (though I suspect it's because I'm logged in)

is this yours?
16th Feb, 2009 17:08 (UTC)
It is, yes, though when I clicked the link in my post just now, it also took me to my wishlist, not yours. As you said, must be that you were logged in at amazon at the time.
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