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If at first you don't succeed...

pester them till they give in.

In autumn 2007 I applied for the disabled mobility pass, for free bus and tram travel. My application was rejected, so I wrote back to appeal and was turned down again.

Autumn 2008 I tried again. There was a delay in sending the form, as my doctor forgot he was supposed to be writing a letter to support my application, and it took about a month to get the letter in the end. Just before Xmas, my application was refused. Apparently, being able to walk 250 meters without discomfort means you're fine, and don't need to use public transport more than usual.I have to walk that far just to get to the bus stop.
 So I wrote back to appeal the decision, pointing out that there had been a gap between seeing the doctor, and the letter being written, and that the letter wasn't as accurate (or as detailed) as it might have been. I also mentioned that 250 meters was an average on a good day, and on a bad day, or once strain had set in, I could barely manage 50 meters without 'discomfort' (more like outright pain, some days), even after I'd sat and rested for a couple of hours.

After waiting about a month, I finally got a letter on Thursday, saying I'd been approved for a pass - hurrah !

Today I took a bus into town (to hand in documentation for the pass - proof of address etc)  - £1.20
Then I took the tram to visit hairdresser and Tesco on Infirmary road
Tram to pub
Tram from pub to university - Dayrider £3.00
Bus 2 stops up hill towards home: it's the end of the day, I'm tired, and the bitter weather sets off my asthma  - 80p

That's a total of £5.00 in bus and tram fares, just in one day, simply going into town, and going to the pub, via my hairdressers. I only paid £6 for the haircut, and got coffee, biscuits, a sweet and an offer of custard doughnuts with that !

The only drawback is that the photo for the card was taken with a teeny digital camera, so I have no idea what I look like in it, and won't know until the cards arrives, around the middle of next week.


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14th Feb, 2009 09:45 (UTC)
good for you!! ;)
14th Feb, 2009 12:41 (UTC)
Congratulations, and well done!
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