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Update on stuff to do front

Gave away the large blue suitcase. As soon as I opened the door and saw the Freecycler, I thought "Ooh, a mouse". A small fellow with a pointy sort of face - just made me think of a mouse.

Done half the washing up - not enough room on draining board for all of it.

Finished pivotal scene of Star Wars fanfic.

Put laundry away.

Took out bag of dirty cat litter.

Made a card for Ruby, using some of my stick-on 'ruby' stones and other stuff.  Had a nice time at the party - and ate plenty of food. Gave Ruby this toy lamb which I knitted for her.

knitted toy lamb

Finished Star Wars scenario. From next session we will be playing Chris' steampunk Darkest Africa campaign.

Phoned Gary and made very vague decision about when to leave tomorrow..

I'm shattered, and still have stuff to do.



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14th May, 2007 04:05 (UTC)
Cute lamb!
14th May, 2007 13:38 (UTC)
lamb is in Roo's cot - she was snuggled up to it this morning!!
14th May, 2007 21:12 (UTC)
*Is pleased*
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