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Getting back to business

I took a noiebook with me while I was away, so I could get on with drafting ideas It turned out to be quite a productive week.

I wrote the requested blurb for 'The Judas Metal', which I've since typed up and emailed to the publicity department at Hale, who are happy with it.

There will be another anthology of western short stories produced by the Black Horse Western group later this year. I didn't instantly volunteer to write, as I had no ideas and couldn't guarantee having one. However, I've now roughed out a short story featuring Jonah Durrell, the handsome bounty hunter.

I've worked out the next major couple of scenes in the Star Wars fanfic I'm currently writing and posting on Downtime. This was the part of the story I had least idea about, so that's good.

I also managed to work out something stiching together the bits and pieces of 'Darrow's Debt'. I've got some things I really want for the characters but I've been struggling to put them together for some four or five years now. I've finally managed to fill in the gaps between A, B, G and T, and work out what happens between T and Z.

Of course, while I saw away, I was longing for a computer so I could get on and start writing. Now I'm home, there's other distractions (many of them on my computer via the www) and I've got a bit out of the groove. So having made a start by typing up the blurb yesterday, I intend to get back to work on the Star Wars next, as that's already started, and has an audience waiting for the next bit.


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11th Feb, 2009 10:45 (UTC)
Sounds productive :-D

I have something I picked up for you - will you be home tomorrow morning? I'm taking Evie to Weston Park museum to catch the 'Charlie and Lola' exhibition before it closes, so we could drop by on the way :-)
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