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Happy days

I came back from Glasgow today (Fri) - a day earlier than scheduled. Walking was getting increasingly uncomfortable and painful, which meant I just didn't want to visit anywhere more than a few minutes walk from the tube stations - which ruled out a bunch of places. Plus, my shot of Avonex on Wed night left me feeling rather fragile all day Thurs. So what with that, and being worn out and in some pain from going out earlier in the week, I decided to call it quits and come home. Which meant I'd paid for a night I wasn't then staying, but it was cheap, so I didn't mind too much. And the staff in the Travelodge were wonderful all the time I was there. So not a great holiday, though it was good to meet pickwick  and do the pub quiz with her. It was just a shame that we played our joker on what turned out to be our weakest round. (though it wouldn't have been our weakest if we hadn't been able to opt out of the football round)

Got back to find much more snow in Sheffield than in Glasgow. There were four phone messages: Mum calling for a chat, about three hours after I left last Sat; a wrong number telling me that girl scouts was cancelled, and not to bring Molly; a message two days ago from someone in social services, asking me to call back; and a call timed a few minutes later, that consisted of a few seconds of heavy breathing and vague shuffling - I suspect that to be an accidental redial.

I spite of being away for a week, there was only 1 item of post. I called Iain B, the catsitter, who said he'd had much less than usual, so I guess the post office doesn't like the snow. The letter I did get was from the electricy company, who I'd thought were a bit overdue for sending me a statement. It turns out that since having the storage heaters installed, I've used twice as many units as last year, and have an alarming amount outstanding to pay They want to put my monthly direct debit up to something I really can't afford. So will have to phone them tomorrow and sort something out.
Edit: I just checked their prices online. although I have apparently used far more units this year than last, it also looks like that for this bill, they have charged the single rate price for all units, instead of charging the economy 7 rate for night time units when the storage heaters are charging up. Gah !

  The storage heaters don't keep the place warm enough on their own, so have been running the plug in heater too in the evenings and sometimes in afternoon. I've turned down the input on the heaters - which means they'll have less to give out later in the day. It might b e cheaper just to use the plug in heater, though I'm inclined to leave the storage heaters on low input/output so at least there's some warmth in the flat. It's not really what I need in this weather, and a cold or other infection will make my ms symptoms worse.
   At least the hotel in Glasgow was warm.


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7th Feb, 2009 12:36 (UTC)
I spoke to our postman yesterday who said they had a fairly major backlog from earlier in the week.

Regarding the storage heaters and electricity usage, have you actually told the electricity company about them? IIUC they need to put you on a different tarrif and you should probably have had a new meter put in to measure the usage over different times.
7th Feb, 2009 17:40 (UTC)
I have the new, two-rate meter - it was my suppliers who arranged for the installation. So they should have switched my tariff, but the temp-monkey in the office that week clearly didn't do it.
(I spent a few weeks as a temp for Yorkshire electricy, and my opinion of typical electricity company staff is based on my experience of the majority of other staff there)

Edited at 2009-02-07 17:42 (UTC)
9th Feb, 2009 22:25 (UTC)
*empathetic hugs* on the walking. Just don't go to London when you're feeling bad, it's incredibly crap!
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