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It seemed like a good idea at the time

I'm off to sunny Glasgow tomorrow. The weather forecast for the weekend isn't promising, but I bet the hotel's got better heating than my flat, so that's something. I've arranged to meet pickwick  on Wed evening for pub, food and quiz, which I'm looking forward to.

The suitcase is in the bedroom but it ain't packed yet. Still have Stuff To Do.

Decide what clothes I'm taking.
Pack them
Set box to record telly programmes - though I've got a couple of things on series record already, so that'll save time.
Remember to take train tickets
Put gel blocks for keeping drugs cold in the freezer/fridge - pack rest of drug doodads - sharps bin etc
Pack Glasgow A-Z (1990 edition)
Take credit card (which normally lives at home, not in wallet)
Get together and take notes for current Star Wars fanfic.
Pref write blurb for 'The Judas Metal' and send to publisher
Choose and pack earrings - this will probably take longer than choosing clothes for the week.
use up the pint-and-a-bit in the fridge, leaving enough for coffee in the morning - "there may be trouble porridge ahead..."
Not essential, but would be idea to put paper in blue bins

Rubbish already taken out by Denise
Small backlog of washing up done by Denise
Catsitter organized (not by Denise)

I should be back Sat evening, probably shattered. Out roleplaying Sunday evening. Up first thing Monday to attend eye clinic, and need to get blood test done afterwards.Will need to get bread, milk and other food at some point by now. Up fairly early for Denise Tues morning.
Wed - spend day in bed


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