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Onw of the advantages of living here is that the Royal Hallamshire hospital is about 10 minutes walk away. It's a very large hospital and what, with one thing and another, I've been back and forth quite a bit over the last couple of years.

I was there a couple of weeks ago to have some blood tests done. I have tricky veins, so went to the outpatients phlebotomy rather than seeing the nurses at the doctors surgery, as the nurses there are specialists.

Monday I visited the walk in centre about a small lump I've had on the lower eyelid of the left eye, which was accompanied by a rather gritty feeling, on and off. I'd also had some slight blurriness in that eye. I saw a very nice doctor, who said the lump was a cyst, and prescribed antibiotic goo to squirt into my eye twice a day.
  He said the blurriness had nothing to do the cyst, and might be a mild re-occurance of the optic neuritis I've had in the past. He said that if it didn't clear up, and certainly if it got worse, I should go to the eye casualty, and tell them I have ms and might have a flare up of optic neuritis,

Today I was at the hospital for the physiotherapy gym class, wearing the new soft yoga trousers I got from Tesco at the weekend. Very comfy they are too, even if I did have to shorten them by about 4 inches. The class went well, I cycled for 5 minutes, and did one minute at a higher resistance level than previously, and rowed for 5 minutes, which came to about 600m. The balance exercises are useful, but balance isn't really a problem for me (yet), so I was doing more of the cardio-vascular stuff.

After I was done in the gym, I thought I might as well visit the eye casualty, as the blurriness hadn't improved, and I had a mild discomfort in the eye. I got there around 4 and discovered that the eye casualty closed at 3 on Thursdays, though there were still other people attending for other appointments. As the nice doctor had said, I mentioned the ms when I first arrived, and the staff went out of their way to help. I was eventually fitted in and saw an eye doctor.
  Among other things, I did one of the standard color vision tests. I did pretty well apparantly, but I had to really look and concentrate to see the numbers. I used to have no problem at all with my colour vision, so the change was a bit disconcerting. The doctor said there was no obvious sign of ON, though its entirely possible I do have a mild inflammation. Reassuringly, he said I did the right thing in coming to get it checked out. I'll be seeing him again in three weeks for a follow up.

Hmmm. about time to go squirt some more goo i my eye.


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23rd Jan, 2009 10:37 (UTC)
hope eye gets fixed soon!
23rd Jan, 2009 15:16 (UTC)
Glad you went to get it checked! It'll be good to keep it monitored for change. (I almost said "keep an eye on it" but that would have been weird! LOL)

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