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Stuff to do

Looks set to be a busy day today.

The Freecycler who wants my suitcase couldn't make it yesterday, so should be coming to collect it in the next hour or so. 
Got to do stuff before going to Norfolk tomorrow - clear all washing up, empty bins, put yesterday's laundry away, etc.

Ruby's first birthday party this afternoon - have to make card and wrap present.

Role-playing this evening. If everyone's present we should be finishing my current Star Wars scenario. So far the players have resolutely failed to do anything bold and Star Wars-ish which would get them into a good shootout. I'm forever having to rejig scenarios to stop them being too damn cunning and accomplishing tasks with a minimum of trouble. Sometimes a really cunning plan is OK, but if they keep avoiding all the danger, it's not as exciting as it could be.

Got to sort out food in the fridge before going away. I may well arrive at Mum and Dad's with eggs, bacon, a pint of milk and half a loaf.

Would really like to finish writing Star Wars fanfic, but won't have time until after D&D - and maybe not then..

Must remember to watch Spanish Grand Prix highlights programme, as certainly won't have time for the full shebang.

Phine Gary to find out what time we're leaving tomorrow.

That's all for now.

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