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Hiss and make up

It's been a rather tense week on the cat front. On Tuesday evening, Diesel suddenly turned vicious towards Skiffle. First I knew was yowling from the games room, and when I got there, the girls were glaring at each other from a foot apart, and there was fur on the carpet. A few minutes later, Diesel went for Skiffle, almost under my feet.

I have no idea what started it, but she was much the same on Wed, making poor Skiffle very paranoid. Normally Skiffle is the boss cat. If she's feeling mardy in the mornings, she'll slap Diesel when Diesel walks past, and if she wants to get on an armchair Diesel is already on, she often bullies Diesel off it with threats (10 minutes later, Diesel returns and jumps on the chair. Skiffle grumbles, Diesel purrs madly and a minute later they are curled up peacefully together). In the evening, I shut Diesel in the living room for a while, so Skiffle could feed, drink and generally relax without feeling threatened.

Diesel mostly left her alone, unless they happened to meet somewhere, when Diesel would give Skiffle the Evil Eye. Thurs morning, Skiffle was sitting in the middle of the chilly bathroom floor, I think because she was anxious about being ambushed if she tried to make her way upstairs. So I carried her up and she settled in the living room, while Diesel was settled in the games room. I had to go out in the afternoon, and came back to find them curled up on the armchair together,

Things are better now, though Skiffle is still wary of Diesel when she's eating or wandering about. Right now they are curled up and sleeping together on an armchair, looking like the best of friends. So things are on the mend. I still have no idea what set it off though.



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16th Jan, 2009 17:21 (UTC)
If Diesel is the younger, and cats are anything like dogs with each other (yes I'm totally clueless about cats can't you tell), it could be a dominance test, with Diesel sensing she's become stronger than Skiffle?

Otherwise Diesel may be having some pain or discomfort that's made her really grouchy, so it's worth taking a good look at her.

Of course, this could be perfectly normal for cats as far as I know, not ever having lived with cats!
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